Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Hi there, Hope everyone is getting ready for a wonderful Thanksgiving, we have a full house coming and lots of preparation is already in the works. Now as the kids get older and girlfriends enter the picture we try to work around who can make it to dinner and who has to be at who's house for another diner, oh how fast they grow.

Happy Thanksgiving


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Welcome to our Blog!

I have often thought of starting a blog and have finally taken the time out to figure out how to get our own blog started. I have to say it was much easier than i thought and took about 10 minutes so for those of you that are thinking about starting one it's really easy!

Welcome to the world of fashionable diabetes. I wanted to have a place to be able to really talk about diabetes and how making it fashionable can really help our children and adults live with this disease. As a mom of 3 children who suffer with type 1 diabetes i know the many challenges of diabetes. I have often wondered why we don't see as many support and cure diabetes items out there as we do for breast cancer and there are some really truly beautiful items supporting breast cancer. So we decided that we were going to create our very own line of beautiful diabetes awareness items. You can take a look at our new shirts on www.pumpwearinc.com under the more products link http://www.pumpwearinc.com/sunshop/index.php?action=category&id=8.

I am constantly looking for fun cute saying and ideas that would make great products so if you can think of some clever sayings about diabetes i would love to hear them! If we use one we will send you a free shirt!

Today's been a busy day and i'am getting ready to feed 3 hungry children all wanting something different and while i'am at it i'am chasing a 400 blood sugar that has gone from 400 to 30 in a matter of 60 minutes, have you all been there, needless to say that little miss nikki is not in the best of moods!

Please feel free to post and let me know your thougths. julie