Friday, November 6, 2015

10 Great Care Package Items For Your Type 1 Diabetes College Student!

10 Great Care Package Items For Your Type 1 Diabetes College Student!
I have been wanting to send my daughter a fun care package at college but was really unsure what I should send her.  I didn't just want to send her junk food and although she needs fast acting sugars and juice boxes I really didn't think that it would excite her.  I asked one of the groups that I belong to on facebook Tandem tslim Pump got some great ideas here are my top 10!

1.  Some warm funky gloves (fun colors )
2.  Decorations for her dorm door and room (love this decorations are easy to ship and don't cost much)
3.  Gift cards for places close to college.  Nikki has a Panera Bread, Friendly's and Applebees close by.
4.  A small first ad kit
5.  A Phone case cover
6.  String Cheese (lol she loves it)
7.  Pens!  Get some fun colored pens and holiday pens!  She can share these!
8.  Skittles and cookies (for those low's)
9.  Kleenix (you can get the fun holiday gift boxes)
10.  Leg warmers!  I can't believe it but leg warmers are back in and they are out at target in fun colors.

These are my top 10 items that i am putting together as a surprise care package to send her and I love that it doesn't include alot of junk food but a lot of cool fun items she will like and have fun using.

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Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Afraid To Let Go!

As I prepare for Nikki's Graduation from High School this weekend I can't help but feel like this one part of our journey is coming to an end and another wonderful one is about to begin.  While I am so proud of Nikki and happy that she will now embark on a new path of growing I can't help but say that I am a little afraid to let go.

When you have a child or children with Type 1 Diabetes you are always on call, and I mean always, you have numerous sleepless nights and you basically never know when you will be needed.  As we prepare for going away to college I realize that I won't be her main protector anymore, she will have to rely on all that she has been taught and learned and she will have to rely on new people to help her should she be in need.

This past year we have really worked on her pretty much managing all of her diabetes care (yes I really took a total step back, well ok not all the way back but back lol)  She has been responsible for monitoring her numbers, making corrections even communicating directly with her doctor.  I am happy to say that she has shown a lot more maturity and the ability to do these things on her own.
So why do I still feel this sense of fear?  I think its more a Mom thing, she is perfectly comfortable about going away and totally feels that she can do this and I know that she can.

 I think what I am feeling is what every parent feels as they get ready to let their children go we love them and miss the times when they would run up to us just for a hug.  So for all those Mom's, Dad's , caregivers that are embarking on this new journey I am sending you hugs,  Let's embrace this time in their lives and know that we have given them all the love, guidance, and tools to make them happy self sufficient young adults.

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