Thursday, June 25, 2009

What I like About The New Medavisors!

I have been using our new "Medavisors" a Diabetes Low Blood Sugar Emergency Kit! This case actually attaches to the passangers car visor.

The features I love are :
1. The case is clearly labeled so if someone else is in the car with my son and he needs a fast acting sugar they know what it is and that this is something they can give him.

2. Having the case on the passengers visor makes the case easily accessible. So its really easy to get to the fast acting sugar.

3. I love the bright color cases I have my sons use the bright blue ones because I believe it calls attention and people look at it and read the label and know what it is.

4. I love that we have teamed with
Dex4 believes that "You should Always Be Prepared" they have the best in glucose products and are happy to provide you with a free product simply by connecting with them. Be sure to visit their website

5. I love that the Medavisor case is detachable! This means that is I want to "Always be prepared" and need to have something on me i can simply detach the case and take it with me. Just remember to put it back!

6. I love that the case also has a ring on it so that you can easily hook it to book bags, and other cases etc.

7. I love that we have also teamed with
WELLalarm offers you the ability to have your medical information obtained quickly simply by calling the toll free number.

I have been using my pretty pink Diabetes Emergency Kit for a couple of months now and have been really happy knowing that I will "Always Be Prepared". When people get in the car they always notice it and I like that because the more people that know where a fast acting sugar is the better!