Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Facebook Friends

Facebook Friends!

Something that I have been thankful to have found are the numerous friends on Facebook. I have found so many old friends along with making new ones.

What is really nice is that I never thought that I would consider Facebook a support system but I find that is exactly what it is. Whatever the time, place or occasion you can expect to find friends willing to encourage you and support you. There’s always someone available for a chat, always someone willing to give you answers to your questions.

So if you are out there and think that you are alone than come on over to Facebook and become a friend!

Thank you all my Facebook friends both Old and New I love connecting with you all!

Julie , Mom to Adam 21, Patrick 18 & Nikki Tyler 12 All Have Type Type 1

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Friday, June 18, 2010

My Passion To Be Heard

I am often asked to speak at various events relating to diabetes and mainly our experiences as a family of three children with type 1 diabetes.

I will honestly tell you that I don’t have the answers only what we have done to try to help motivate our children, keep them safe and be their advocates. I can honestly tell you that everything we try does not work and we simply move on and try the next thing. Since all of our children are at various ages and stages in life ages 21, 18 and 12 with the youngest being diagnosed at 2 ½ years old, we have I think been running through just about every thing imaginable pertaining to diabetes. I like to share these experiences because we truly are not alone on this adventure.

I recently spoke at an event where a women came up to me afterwards and told me that hearing me speak about harping on one of my sons about his diabetes and what he wasn’t doing that I forgot to look at what he had been doing and when I finally realized what I sounded like to him and corrected my behavior and started to look at the good he was doing I started to see a turn around in him. I think of myself as a pretty positive person and here I was forgetting to concentrate on the positive. Even one small positive thing that someone is doing is so worth praising and can really make a difference. Listening to this mom talk about her own son’s issues and how she felt that all she did was tell him what he wasn’t doing that she forgot about telling him how proud she was about the things he was doing. By the end of the night we were both in tears and knowing that we somehow were able to connect in such a basic way just refueled me and my passion to be heard.

Helping one person to know that they are not alone really does make a difference so if you have an opportunity to be heard don’t be afraid to share your experiences.

Julie mom to Adam (21), Patrick (18) & Nikki Tyler 12 all Type 1 Diabetes

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Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Don't Feel Guilty

I Don’t Feel Guilty!

About 6 years ago we were in Disney and my son Adam had an episode from standing in the heat. He was with a group of other children who also happen to have diabetes and by the time I got to him he was dehydrated and basically done for the day. He was in their medical office for the a while and at the hotel with my husband the rest of the night recovering from being dehydrated.

This all occurred because he was standing in lines, not drinking etc. It happened fast and his blood sugar just dropped and it was difficult to keep it up. Disney was actually wonderful and they offered us a pass to get him on the rides without waiting in the lines. He was to sick to use the passes that day but we went back actually a couple days later and had a wonderful day because we were able to use this pass to move us through the lines with out all that standing in the hot sun.

At first I felt guilty for using the pass and moving ahead of the lines (people will look at you like how come you get to go in without waiting) people don’t really understand why it’s not good for us to have them stand in line in the heat like that and how it really can effect someone with diabetes blood sugar we were lucky with the episode with Adam he was able to recover within a day. As I thought about this benefit (if there is ever a benefit) to go in to an amusement park and let them know of our medical necessity one little thing like being able to get through a ride without having to wait in line was the one thing that could actually be a positive for a child with diabetes I say go for it!

Julie Mom to Adam (21), Patrick (18) & Nikki Tyler (12) all have Type 1 Diabetes

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Friday, June 4, 2010

Dear Nick

This is a letter that I just sent to Nick Jonas to invite him to participate in the "Wall of Change". Wouldn't it be great to see Nick's wall of change! Don't know if the letter will reach him or if it will get read but I just had to give it a try!

So Nick if you are out there please join us on the "Wall of Change". We would also like to invite everyone with diabetes to participate it's easy, fun and it will help fund a cure for diabetes!

Dear Nick Jonas,

Thank you for all that you are doing to bring awareness to Type 1 diabetes, and the efforts you are making to help raise funds to find a cure for diabetes. Having you as a face for diabetes has been so rewarding to our children because it lets them know that they truly can do anything. Along with being a face for diabetes you have called attention to the fact that diabetes can affect anyone and that it is time for the cure.

As a mom of three children who suffer from this illness finding a cure for diabetes has become my life time goal. That’s why we have established the “Wall of Change”. The
Wall of Change is simply a wall on the internet that has the many faces of children and adults suffering from diabetes. It’s easy to participate you simply gather your spare change and form the number of years that you have had diabetes than take a picture, you send the picture to us and the change to JDRF. The “Wall of Change” allows us to put a face on diabetes and help fund the cure 1 penny at a time.

We would like to invite you to participate in the “Wall of Change” it’s easy and fun and we know that having you as a face for diabetes would encourage others to help fund the cure 1 penny at a time.

You can view the “Wall of Change

Hope Everyone has a great weekend and I will be sure to let you know if we hear from Nick! If anyone out there knows him please feel free to pass this on to him!

Julie mom to Adam (21), Patrick (18), Nikki (12) All Type 1 Diabetes

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