Friday, January 18, 2013

Things To Do At This Time Of Year & A Cool Learning Site "A Diabetes Tidbit"

Since the New Year is upon us it's the perfect time to take care of a couple of things! Also I found this cool website that you will find lots of cool information and stuff on. So Check out this weeks "Diabetes Tidbit" Pump Wear & Girly Girl Studio Disclaimer: All information and results stated in this video are our personal tidbits on things that have worked for us. The information is not specific medical advice for any individual. The content of this video is not medical advice all medical information should come from a health care professional. If you have a health problem, speak to your doctor or a health professional immediately about your condition. Our tidbits are merely tips from our personal experience and are not intended to me used as medical information. All questions pertaining to your medical issues should be directed to your health care professional.