Monday, February 16, 2009

The "Wall Of Change"

The "Wall Of Change" is growing and we are so excited to see the many faces of diabetes. We developed the Wall of Change as a way to bring our community together and to make a statement about the faces and time that these wonderful children and adults have had diabetes. When you look at the Wall of Change and you see someone who has had diabetes for 35 years you are inspired that there is hope for all of us. When you see a picture of a child with diabetes who has only had diabetes for 1/2 a year you are wondering why so many of our beautiful children have to endure this illness.

The Wall of Change brings diabetes awareness to the world. We invite any one that has a person touched with this illness to ask them to participate. We wish to grow this wall so that the world can see the faces of diabetes.

All Change used in the pictures we are asking be send directly to JDRF so that we can contribute to finding a cure for diabetes. We know that all of this change will add up and do great things towards finding a cure for diabetes.

The Wall of Change bringing world diabetes awareness and helping to fund a cure for diabetes. Diabetes awareness in a world where there's hope for a cure!

View the Growing "Wall of Change"