Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Because I Like Lists!

I've been getting a lot of calls about people getting ready for camping and I know through the years with our boys camping and now Nikki I find that once again I rely on my lists to make sure that I have everything I need for them. This list I have used for years and you can add or subtract from it what you need, but it has really helped me make sure I have everything for our campers!.

Here I Go Again With My Lists!

Bunk sheets and pillowcases
Laundry bag

Swimsuit and swim cap
Swim goggles
Beach towel
Ear plugs
Nose plugs
Beach ball

Toothpaste, toothbrush and holder
Soap dish and soap
Disposable towelettes
Towels and washcloths
Lip balm
Special blanket/toy

Diabetes Items

Site changes (lots)
Test strips
Spare test kit
Ketone strips
IV Prep
Batteries for Pump
Batteries for test kit
Other meds
Frio Insulin Pump Wallet
Splash Pack for Insulin Pump
Spare Insulin Pump Case

Emergency or First Aid Items
First Aid kit
Police whistle
Insect repellent
Instant cold compress

Camping Equipment
Sleeping bag
Canteen with cover and cup
Plastic or enamelware dishes
Knife, fork and spoon set

Athletic socks
Jeans and pants
Shower shoes
tennis shoes
Hiking boots
Rain suit or poncho

Hope that this list helps get you ready for camping.

Julie Mom to Adam (21) Patrick (18) Nikki (12) All Type 1 Diabetes

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Friday, May 21, 2010

How Many Balls In The Air Do You Have?

How many balls do you have in the air? Do you ever feel like you have so many things going on that you can’t imagine getting everything done? It’s really kind of funny but the more balls I have in the air I really feel like the more things I do get done!

You know the old saying, if you want something done than ask a busy person! That is so true. This past week has been a crazy, crazy, week, I was tied up all day at a career fair (which was totally awesome) than we had softball games, dance practice for Nikki’s recital, Junior National Honor Society, Chamber meetings and trying to get house, yard ready for upcoming graduation party. In the mist of all of this I have been running around trying to make sure everyone is testing and blousing, (remember we had those not so pretty episodes of not testing and blousing when they should). So I have been trying to stay on top of all 3 children. One child is really doing well, one is starting to see the light and making improvements, and one child is telling me lots of stories, (like “I didn’t eat at all today” therefore I didn’t need to test and bolus) and if I believe that one I am sure there will be another tale for me. With diabetes it’s just being consistent and continually trying to stay on top of what is going on. I don’t have a secret formula of what works and what doesn’t but I do know that if “I” am not watching what is going on it seems like everyone gets lazy.

So in the mist of all our craziness I make list after list of things that I need to check and do and I find that more often than not I am pretty good about getting through my list, and I am great at follow up! So if you are looking to get all those things you want done, than start making “lists”. I have to write down even the smallest things like (remember to text Nikki for blood sugar) because I just won’t remember if I don’t have it written down, (now that is sad).

Have A Great Weekend!

Julie mom to Adam (21), Patrick (18) and Nikki (12)

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sometime's We "React"

I have to tell you this story because I know that we are not alone in our quest to ensure that our children are protected and that they know how to handle different situations. As parents of children with diabetes I think we are always on the guard to stand up for our children which is a good thing but sometimes we “react”!

Nikki was at a softball game the other day and she forgot to put on her “pump band” which would keep the pump up and out of the way . So she left the pump in her hook “pump pak” which dangles. It was clipped on to her shorts. When she went up to bat the Empire said something to her, my husband witnessed her disconnecting her pump and putting it off to the side than batting.

Of course you are reacting right now exactly the way my husband reacted! How dare he tell her to remove her pump, doesn’t he know that this pump needs to stay on her! So my husband goes storming over to the Empire ready to give him a piece of his mind about asking her to remove the pump. The two had a little discussion and come to find out the Empire did not tell her to remove the pump, he simply stated that she needed to tuck it in so that it was not dangling, and Nikki decided it was easier to remove the pump!

So something’s are not always what they appear to be, this instant just reminds me to make sure we know all the facts before we “React”.

Julie, mom to Adam (21), Patrick (18), Nikki (12) All have type 1 diabetes.

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Friday, May 14, 2010

One of those days!

My day started pretty good, I got out the door on time went to pick up my daughters friend to take to school, I waited in the car while Nikki went in to get her, 20 minutes later they came out, all was good I had my kindle to keep me company.

Drop them off at school, run to post office, go to work, son number 1 comes in to go over some paper work he needed help with, no sooner sit down and son # 2 calls has a rash that won’t stop itching, he is highly allergic to a lot of things and had already been to the doctors once but the meds weren’t working. Can’t get him into a doctor again so we are on way to emergency room when I finally get a hold of doctor for new meds. Go to Pharmacy to get the meds, I could see this was going to take way to long so I leave my son there with payment (nice that he can drive) and head out to my 11:30 meeting. Meeting turned out to be a bust not at all what we were thinking it would be, so I turn around to run out to get a shipment of new products rushing to make sure I can get the shipment and get back to pick up Nikki. The shipment turns out to have the wrong size case and has to go back (what are you going to do things happen) so I go and pick up my daughter from school.

School gets out no Nikki, then I remember she has practice for her awards ceremony no problem I have my kindle to keep me company. She comes out 1 hour later and wants to go to her bowling league which she at this point has already missed more than half of, but it’s the last one and they are giving out awards so I pull into the bowling alley she runs in. Nikki comes back 10 minutes later with 2 awards and a bowling towel and lets me know that I owe her 1.00 because she didn’t bowl but I have to pay if she misses it. She’s happy and I am ready to head home and son number 2’s skin doctor calls and wants to see him, he is on his way back to the office can I meet him there. I drop off Nikki and meet Patrick at doctor’s office, long story short guess what Patrick has? Poison IVY poor kid! So we finally get him taken care of, I stop yes again at the pharmacy to drop off the new prescription and run home because now its 5:30 and Nikki has a softball game. Ask me what I got done today and I think I will scream!

So I calmly turned Nikki over to my husband and told them to have a great game and I will see them in a little while. Finally Peace & Quiet! It was just one of those days!

Julie Mom to Adam (21) Patrick (18) & Nikki 12

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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Trick List!

After a very shocking Dr. Appointment I have decided to let those of you who have children in the 12 and up age group in on some of the most common “Tricks” that our kids are playing with their lives.

1. When you ask them to test “Be sure they are really testing” and not just pulling out the test meter and giving you a number. Or if you are not in the same room as them they may just give you the number you want to hear.
2. If you look at their pump and you don’t see a blood sugar listed (they just bloused) chances are good that they never tested and simply bloused based on the food they were going to eat and how they felt.
3. Don’t buy the excuse I used the test kit up stairs, in my car etc. If you don’t have a kit to verify a number don’t believe that they tested.
4. When you ask them what their blood sugar was at lunch don’t take it for fact that they did even test at lunch.

As our kids get older they also get wiser to what we want to hear and what they don’t want to bother with, they will come up with a lot of ways to hide the fact that they just aren’t testing and blousing they way they should.

We had quite an eye opener when we down loaded one pump and saw that the only time this child had tested was at super (when they were physically with us). For breakfast there was nothing entered in the pump for a breakfast bolus or blood sugar! How can this be since I literally get this child the same thing every morning for breakfast ask them to test and they “always” give me a number, I even remind them by saying did you bolus and the answer is always “Yes”. So how can you have a day on your pump where the only blood sugar and bolus are at super when you are physically sitting in front of me?

This type of Dr. Visit of course was a huge wake up call to what we are being told and what is actually being done. So I rounded up child number 2 and looked at his pump and he had boluses in it but only 1 actual blood sugar throughout the day? What does this mean I asked, well this child has the wisdom to see and feel what the actual blood sugar is therefore no need to test! How on earth can you give yourself insulin and “Not even know what your blood sugar is?”

So based on this enlightenment I have printed out calendars laid them on my desk and every night I am “PHYSICALLY” reading all the information off of the pump to verify the testing and blousing. Weekend activities and privileges will be given based on the outcome of these readings.

Just when you thought you were 2 steps ahead you take 4 steps back. Playing with their lives is not an option so we will be persistent in making sure the “Tricks” are over.

Remember Kid’s will be Kid’s but we have to be smarter!

Julie , Mom to Adam (21) , Patrick (18) and Nikki Tyler (12) All Type 1

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