Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The Trick List!

After a very shocking Dr. Appointment I have decided to let those of you who have children in the 12 and up age group in on some of the most common “Tricks” that our kids are playing with their lives.

1. When you ask them to test “Be sure they are really testing” and not just pulling out the test meter and giving you a number. Or if you are not in the same room as them they may just give you the number you want to hear.
2. If you look at their pump and you don’t see a blood sugar listed (they just bloused) chances are good that they never tested and simply bloused based on the food they were going to eat and how they felt.
3. Don’t buy the excuse I used the test kit up stairs, in my car etc. If you don’t have a kit to verify a number don’t believe that they tested.
4. When you ask them what their blood sugar was at lunch don’t take it for fact that they did even test at lunch.

As our kids get older they also get wiser to what we want to hear and what they don’t want to bother with, they will come up with a lot of ways to hide the fact that they just aren’t testing and blousing they way they should.

We had quite an eye opener when we down loaded one pump and saw that the only time this child had tested was at super (when they were physically with us). For breakfast there was nothing entered in the pump for a breakfast bolus or blood sugar! How can this be since I literally get this child the same thing every morning for breakfast ask them to test and they “always” give me a number, I even remind them by saying did you bolus and the answer is always “Yes”. So how can you have a day on your pump where the only blood sugar and bolus are at super when you are physically sitting in front of me?

This type of Dr. Visit of course was a huge wake up call to what we are being told and what is actually being done. So I rounded up child number 2 and looked at his pump and he had boluses in it but only 1 actual blood sugar throughout the day? What does this mean I asked, well this child has the wisdom to see and feel what the actual blood sugar is therefore no need to test! How on earth can you give yourself insulin and “Not even know what your blood sugar is?”

So based on this enlightenment I have printed out calendars laid them on my desk and every night I am “PHYSICALLY” reading all the information off of the pump to verify the testing and blousing. Weekend activities and privileges will be given based on the outcome of these readings.

Just when you thought you were 2 steps ahead you take 4 steps back. Playing with their lives is not an option so we will be persistent in making sure the “Tricks” are over.

Remember Kid’s will be Kid’s but we have to be smarter!

Julie , Mom to Adam (21) , Patrick (18) and Nikki Tyler (12) All Type 1

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