Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Sometime's We "React"

I have to tell you this story because I know that we are not alone in our quest to ensure that our children are protected and that they know how to handle different situations. As parents of children with diabetes I think we are always on the guard to stand up for our children which is a good thing but sometimes we “react”!

Nikki was at a softball game the other day and she forgot to put on her “pump band” which would keep the pump up and out of the way . So she left the pump in her hook “pump pak” which dangles. It was clipped on to her shorts. When she went up to bat the Empire said something to her, my husband witnessed her disconnecting her pump and putting it off to the side than batting.

Of course you are reacting right now exactly the way my husband reacted! How dare he tell her to remove her pump, doesn’t he know that this pump needs to stay on her! So my husband goes storming over to the Empire ready to give him a piece of his mind about asking her to remove the pump. The two had a little discussion and come to find out the Empire did not tell her to remove the pump, he simply stated that she needed to tuck it in so that it was not dangling, and Nikki decided it was easier to remove the pump!

So something’s are not always what they appear to be, this instant just reminds me to make sure we know all the facts before we “React”.

Julie, mom to Adam (21), Patrick (18), Nikki (12) All have type 1 diabetes.

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