Sunday, May 24, 2009

Caring & Sharing Weekend 2009!

Caring & Sharing Weekend

I’m a little late in posting this but so much has been going on since we returned from our wonderful weekend at The Double H Ranch in Lake Luzerne. The Caring and Sharing Weekend was such a great time!

15 families came together, it all started on Friday night when everyone arrived, you could see that families really didn’t know what to expect, we had several late arrivals with people coming in from Illinois and Maryland. We were so glad that everyone made it. Welcoming all of these families was the highlight our weekend! On Friday we all enjoyed a Pizza Party, a meeting and greeting activity and a bon fire complete with smores! Families started to loosen up and finally retired to there rooms. Each room at the camp is equipped with all the linens you need and your own bathrooms, which really makes this event nice, no lugging around your own sleeping bags and there’s indoor plumbing which is my kind of camping!

Saturday we were presented with a beautiful day! Since the weather was so nice all of the families were able to enjoy horseback riding, a really exciting ropes course and swimming! The camp has an indoor pool so everyone was thrilled to be able to take advantage of the facility. The grounds at the camp are such that you can walk around, sit and relax. You can participate in events when you want to. Everything is so relaxing and with all the families together it is easy to meet and bond with everyone.

Saturday night we were entertained by everyone who wanted to perform their very own talents! We are so lucky to have Deanna Walker come to each of our events. Deanna volunteers her time and energy every year to teach a dance routine and basically gets all the kids involved in just having fun! Our amazing sponsors of the event pull through for us every year, which with the economy the way it is we were so happy that this event was still seen as a worthy and much needed cause. Thanks to all our wonderful nurses who arrived and were on call all weekend to help out.

By the time Sunday came no one wanted to leave! It is a short weekend with a lot of bonding and activity. A time where we all feel so connected. Children with diabetes and families with diabetes have a special connection and we are so happy to be a part of this amazing time.

We will be posting new information for 2010 shortly; you can recommend yourself or your family for this totally free weekend (transportation not included). This is offered to everyone. We choose families in October and they are notified in December. So if you know someone or you are that someone who could really use some family time and lots of hugs be sure to send in your recommendations!