Friday, April 30, 2010

Gross But It Works

Gross But It Works!

Do you watch your child test? If you do, what do they do with the excess blood spurting from their finger? My one son tends to just rub it into his skin, but my other son and my daughter just lick it off!

I know it sounds gross and I really don’t know if there is a problem doing this, I use to put a wipe in the case for them to just open and clean it with, apparently that is to much work. I then tried just a kleenex you know you can just easily grab it and wipe the excess blood off on that. That worked till the time it needed to be replaced.

Apparently just licking the excess drop of blood off is the easiest and fastest way. My daughter explained to me that she does it because that way she can make sure she doesn’t get the blood on anything else. (she has gotten blood on her clothes before) and this way she doesn’t have to worry about the blood going anywhere.

It’s gross right? I thought so but apparently my kids aren’t the only ones that do this. I was at camp this past weekend and observed several children doing this.

So my next project is going to be to come up with a swatch that attaches to the test kit that has wipes on it so that as you use a wipe you can remove and use the next one. This should last till they use the last sheet, than they will no doubt revert to the lick it off method.

Forever trying to find the perfect solution to a not so perfect disease.

Julie Mom to Adam (21) Patrick (18) & Nikki Tyler (12)

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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Final Straw

How many times should you have to request a young adult clean up their room? I am not talking about just putting away clothes but picking up the computer they took apart because they could make it run better. Or emptying out the huge green garbage bag that they filled when they were cleaning out a car (yes a car)!

Both my husband and I are pretty easy going and would be perfectly happy if the room did not look like the city dump. When opening his door you have to step over clothes and sometimes I think he has more glasses in his room than in my cupboard. He has about 6 blankets thrown all over the place, bags of dirty clothes (what’s with the bags). Than he has clean clothes (he does do his own laundry) folded neatly sitting on dressers, floors and desks. There are cd’s, video’s and change everywhere (I do pick up the change and figure finders keepers).

The room never use to be this bad, but for the past month the junk yard has grown, we have asked nicely, with no reaction today was the final straw! I gathered everything that was on the floor and dragged it on to my nice “clean back porch” (he wasn’t home). I called him and said if you want any of the stuff out on the porch you better come home and clean it up other wise tomorrow I move it to the garbage can!

He pulled up about an hour ago and is cleaning! Good thing I love him!

Julie Mom to Adam (21) Patrick (18) & Nikki (12) All Type 1

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

To Go, Or Not To Go!

I remember a time when my daughter was too little to go to a diabetes camp. I waited for years till the time she would finally be able to attend. When she finally hit the age to go several things happened. First she didn’t want to go! Second I was afraid to let her go overnight after all she needed me! (even if the camp has doctors and nurses I somehow thought she wouldn’t survive without my presence ).

So the first year which I remember clearly because it was my husbands & my wedding anniversary and instead of shipping her off and going away we stayed local and I volunteered at the camp (you know just in case she needed me). We settled on a local 3 day camp to see how she did. I volunteered in the kitchen (those who know me, will recognized the dedication to my daughter because I hate to cook or even be in a kitchen).

The camping experience for her was so wonderful I couldn’t believe how easily she fit in and how good she felt about being around others just like her. Since I was working in the kitchen and they did a lot of things in the big room there I got to see first hand the interaction between little ones and older experienced kids. How they all encouraged each other and feed off of the smallest accomplishments. These kids became excited about simply testing an arm rather than a finger! Nikki and Patrick's First overnight camp is the “Circle Of Life Camp”. I mention this camp because I know first hand the quality of care and entertainment that my daughter and my son have received. It's funny that something like going to a diabetes camp can really shape your child and build them relationships that can last a lifetime. My son attended this camp (thankfully not on on the same days as Nikki , you know he was a teenager then and didn’t want to mix with the little campers (I guess they like their own space). My Patrick has made so many friends through this camp that even as he prepares to go away to college he still stays in contact with several of them. He has actually stayed in contact with so many of these kids that some days he has more friends with diabetes around him than not! The other cool thing is that now that the kids are getting older they are volunteering at these camps and giving back to the community that has helped them so much.

I guess what I am trying to say is that if you have the opportunity to let your child attend a camp and there are some great ones, such as the Sugar Free Gang, Circle Of Life, and The Barton Center another truly inspiring camp that’s worth letting your child attend. The Barton Center gave Nikki a group of friends to bond with and build a relationship with. I know that some of the camps are quite costly but be aware you can do fund raisers to send your child to camp and you can also contact your local groups such as Rotary & Elks Clubs (some of these local clubs are happy to help a child go to camp) and many camps also have a scholarship fund they can draw to.

It is worth every penny to have your child involved in a diabetes camp, they learn, they thrive and they grow! Oh and Nikki told me right after I finished volunteering at the Circle of Life Camp that it was ok if I didn’t volunteer again because she wanted to be on her own like the big girls! (whew, no more cooking for me)!

Camp Information

The Circle Of Life Camp

The Barton Center

DLife List of Diabetes Camps

Mom of Nikki Tyler (12), Patrick (18) & Adam (21) All Type 1

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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

When They Are Ready

When Nikki was little she took dance for a while. She didn’t care for it until 3 years ago when she tried ballroom dancing (yes they actually teach ballroom dancing). She has loved it, and eagerly goes to dance class every Wednesday. We had tried, jazz, tap, and Irish Step (that’s a whole different story). All of the other classes fizzled out over months, but the ballroom dancing stuck.

When Nikki was 6 she started softball, my husband was the coach, because after all he always coached the boys and wanted to do the same for her. She was absolutely horrible! She was whiney, didn’t want to play, and didn’t like anything about the game. She was so bad and gave him such a hard time I eventually had to pull her and let him coach the team without her! How dedicated is he to be coaching a team for the season even though your own daughter won’t play. Well this season Nikki has asked to play softball again! Believe me I wanted to run in the other direction and tell her absolutely not! Of course, she wore me down and we signed her up. We have been at practice the last couple of weeks and to my surprise she is actually enjoying it. What a difference a couple years can make.

This year Nikki has a woman coach (no dad this time, I think he is silently thanking us for not asking him). The major message here is that this time she “Asked” to play, just like she asked to do ballroom dancing. Although we had tried these things in the past and they didn’t work, this time they are working I think because now she is ready! So if you feel like your child should be doing something like playing softball and they don’t want to or they give you a hard time about participating than it’s sometimes better to wait till they are ready.

Mom to Nikki Tyler (12), Patrick (18) & Adam (21) All Type 1

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Things That Excite Me

You know you are a mom of a child with diabetes when little things like a good blood sugar first thing in the morning really excites’ you. There’s just something about waking up to a 101 bg that seems to set the pace for the rest of the day.

Simple things in our life with diabetes now have the ability to excite me, for example, don’t you just love it when you ask your darling to test and they say that was my last test strip? Don’t you feel great when you (super prepared mom) can pull out a box of test strips out no matter where you are? Do you get a rush when darling number 2 (son) says he forgot his test kit at home? You anticipating kids being kids, pull your trusted test kit from your purse, even though you don’t have diabetes? With three children with diabetes, someone is always forgetting something, but having three with diabetes there is usually someone who has what we need on them if that fails (usually mom has the back up for the back up). Recently my daughters poker broke and in a panic she automatically started complaining that she was not going to be able to test because there was no way she was just going to jab herself with the needle (can’t say I blame her there) , but out of know where I remembered that when we were at camp last year they gave out these disposal needles and being me I happen to throw a couple in my organizer bag that I keep in the car and sure enough they worked great! It was a quick poke Nikki was happy and I was happy I know it’s pathetic but it excites me when we are able to make it work!.

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I Wear Gray For .....

I wear Gray for my daughter Nikki Tyler diagnosed at the age of 2 and half years old, still a baby. She should have been free to be just a toddler and to know a life that doesn’t consist of finger pricks and site changes. Nikki Tyler does not know life without diabetes. I hope that someday we can give that to her.

I wear Gray for my son Adam diagnosed 2 years after Nikki at the age of 14. Adam had his teen years interrupted by diabetes. Adam knew a life without diabetes, yet having lived with his sister knew what was to come. A major adjustment for any teenager.

I wear Gray for my son Patrick diagnosed 4 months after Adam at the age of 11. Patrick who after having his brother diagnosed with diabetes actually said “I wish I had Diabetes too”. Sadly that wish came true.

I wear Gray for my husband Diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes 2 years ago, my wonderful husband who has been so committed to finding a cure for diabetes now finds himself included among those that need the cure.

As you can see I am wearing a lot of Gray!

I wear Gray for the many friends and family that have been touched by diabetes because I feel what they feel that it truly is our time for a cure.

Wearing Gray brings me comfort that one day I will be able to say “We helped find a cure for diabetes”.

Now it’s your turn “Why do you wear Gray”

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Friday, April 9, 2010

Get Involved It's An Honor!

Getting involved is the best medicine! Think you can’t make a difference? You are wrong, no matter how small the effort getting involved really does bring us 1 step closer to a cure.

As we are all connected to the world of diabetes I feel a sense of community and family among all of you. From the first diagnose of our daughter 10 years ago, yup it will be 10 years in June we have tried to do our part to help find the cure. We have walked in the walks, we have fund raised by having different benefit suppers and events. We have literally been involved in so many different things, just to mention a few, sidewalk art contest, radio-thons ,spaghetti dinners, candy bar sales and so much that sometimes my head spins.

Last year I think I became totally burned out! I remember feeling guilty because I just couldn’t pull everything together for an annual dinner we put on, then a very wise mom of a child with diabetes told me, “Do what you can” when you can” there will be times that you can do more and times that you can’t, it’s the fact that you do something! We all need a break sometimes just don’t forget to come back after your rest, because diabetes does not rest and we need you!

I share this with you because when you are battling this disease for so long sometimes you do need a little breather, and we all can continue to support our cause in so many ways. So no matter how small the event, no matter how little the donation, do “what you can” “when you can” and together we will all make a difference. As people with loved ones that suffer from diabetes, we have not only the challenge of managing our loved ones diabetes, but the “Honor” of being a part of their cure!

Give Yourself a pat on the back for all that you do even when you do need to take a rest, we will carry you while you rest to get reenergized and welcome you back with open arms! Support your local Diabetes Organizations.

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How Do You Keep Your Site On?

With the summer weather quickly approaching we will all be dealing with swim season and with swim season comes the never ending question “How do you keep your site on”?. Personally we have tried everything and nothing has really worked for us.

My daughter especially likes to be in the pool for long periods of time, she will get out of the pool test, than get right back in, she tends to run low during swimming so we are careful on what we give her during this activity. She will get out of the pool at lunch time, plug on her pump (if the site hasn’t already come off) than bolus eat and go right back into the pool.

We were on vacation this past week and we had several days where we have actually had to change her site twice in one day! We have tried the tape, and all of the other remedies such as the liquid stuff that you have to actually use a removable detacher to get it off, except of course if you are in the pool the majority of the day because than that will even come off. (note we do not allow her to be without her pump for this amount of time she has to get out test and plug in frequently) which makes it so much harder to correct a high or to even eat a snack when every time you turn around the site has come off.

So I thought I would put this question out there to see if anyone has a secret way that might really work to help keep sites on and save our children from having these endless site changes, not to mention the use of all of the additional site change supplies that have to be used.

So let’s hear it “How do you keep your site on!

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Friday, April 2, 2010

What Does It Mean?

What Does It Mean?

We have a 2000 Chevrolet Venture, it’s a 7 passenger vehicle which has been great for carting everyone around. When you have 3 children and all of their things and their friends to bring all over having a van is a great way to go! We also like to go to Myrtle Beach and driving 10 hours in a van has made the trip comfortable and has allowed us to carry everything we need with us.

Since Adam is now 21has his own car and rarely travels with us and Patrick is 18 and has his own car also, that leaves us with just Nikki! So I tend to tool around with our Honda Civic, who wants to fill that gas tank on the van when it’s just her and I! So our van now sits a lot more than it ever has before. We are getting ready to take a short vacation to Myrtle Beach and you got it my husband and I don’t want to drive the van for only 3 people! Nikki of course wants us to take the van because than she can have all that extra room.

Even though we haven’t been using our van an awful lot over the past 2 years I have always justified it by saying its great when we want to go on vacation or need to travel. So as this vacation approaches us and both my husband and I don’t want to take it I wonder.

I hate the thought of not having our precious van, full of memories and fun times, our precious vehicle has served us well and now sits more often than not. What does it mean? Approaching an empty nest?

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