Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Final Straw

How many times should you have to request a young adult clean up their room? I am not talking about just putting away clothes but picking up the computer they took apart because they could make it run better. Or emptying out the huge green garbage bag that they filled when they were cleaning out a car (yes a car)!

Both my husband and I are pretty easy going and would be perfectly happy if the room did not look like the city dump. When opening his door you have to step over clothes and sometimes I think he has more glasses in his room than in my cupboard. He has about 6 blankets thrown all over the place, bags of dirty clothes (what’s with the bags). Than he has clean clothes (he does do his own laundry) folded neatly sitting on dressers, floors and desks. There are cd’s, video’s and change everywhere (I do pick up the change and figure finders keepers).

The room never use to be this bad, but for the past month the junk yard has grown, we have asked nicely, with no reaction today was the final straw! I gathered everything that was on the floor and dragged it on to my nice “clean back porch” (he wasn’t home). I called him and said if you want any of the stuff out on the porch you better come home and clean it up other wise tomorrow I move it to the garbage can!

He pulled up about an hour ago and is cleaning! Good thing I love him!

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