Tuesday, April 6, 2010

How Do You Keep Your Site On?

With the summer weather quickly approaching we will all be dealing with swim season and with swim season comes the never ending question “How do you keep your site on”?. Personally we have tried everything and nothing has really worked for us.

My daughter especially likes to be in the pool for long periods of time, she will get out of the pool test, than get right back in, she tends to run low during swimming so we are careful on what we give her during this activity. She will get out of the pool at lunch time, plug on her pump (if the site hasn’t already come off) than bolus eat and go right back into the pool.

We were on vacation this past week and we had several days where we have actually had to change her site twice in one day! We have tried the tape, and all of the other remedies such as the liquid stuff that you have to actually use a removable detacher to get it off, except of course if you are in the pool the majority of the day because than that will even come off. (note we do not allow her to be without her pump for this amount of time she has to get out test and plug in frequently) which makes it so much harder to correct a high or to even eat a snack when every time you turn around the site has come off.

So I thought I would put this question out there to see if anyone has a secret way that might really work to help keep sites on and save our children from having these endless site changes, not to mention the use of all of the additional site change supplies that have to be used.

So let’s hear it “How do you keep your site on!

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