Tuesday, April 20, 2010

When They Are Ready

When Nikki was little she took dance for a while. She didn’t care for it until 3 years ago when she tried ballroom dancing (yes they actually teach ballroom dancing). She has loved it, and eagerly goes to dance class every Wednesday. We had tried, jazz, tap, and Irish Step (that’s a whole different story). All of the other classes fizzled out over months, but the ballroom dancing stuck.

When Nikki was 6 she started softball, my husband was the coach, because after all he always coached the boys and wanted to do the same for her. She was absolutely horrible! She was whiney, didn’t want to play, and didn’t like anything about the game. She was so bad and gave him such a hard time I eventually had to pull her and let him coach the team without her! How dedicated is he to be coaching a team for the season even though your own daughter won’t play. Well this season Nikki has asked to play softball again! Believe me I wanted to run in the other direction and tell her absolutely not! Of course, she wore me down and we signed her up. We have been at practice the last couple of weeks and to my surprise she is actually enjoying it. What a difference a couple years can make.

This year Nikki has a woman coach (no dad this time, I think he is silently thanking us for not asking him). The major message here is that this time she “Asked” to play, just like she asked to do ballroom dancing. Although we had tried these things in the past and they didn’t work, this time they are working I think because now she is ready! So if you feel like your child should be doing something like playing softball and they don’t want to or they give you a hard time about participating than it’s sometimes better to wait till they are ready.

Mom to Nikki Tyler (12), Patrick (18) & Adam (21) All Type 1

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