Friday, April 9, 2010

Get Involved It's An Honor!

Getting involved is the best medicine! Think you can’t make a difference? You are wrong, no matter how small the effort getting involved really does bring us 1 step closer to a cure.

As we are all connected to the world of diabetes I feel a sense of community and family among all of you. From the first diagnose of our daughter 10 years ago, yup it will be 10 years in June we have tried to do our part to help find the cure. We have walked in the walks, we have fund raised by having different benefit suppers and events. We have literally been involved in so many different things, just to mention a few, sidewalk art contest, radio-thons ,spaghetti dinners, candy bar sales and so much that sometimes my head spins.

Last year I think I became totally burned out! I remember feeling guilty because I just couldn’t pull everything together for an annual dinner we put on, then a very wise mom of a child with diabetes told me, “Do what you can” when you can” there will be times that you can do more and times that you can’t, it’s the fact that you do something! We all need a break sometimes just don’t forget to come back after your rest, because diabetes does not rest and we need you!

I share this with you because when you are battling this disease for so long sometimes you do need a little breather, and we all can continue to support our cause in so many ways. So no matter how small the event, no matter how little the donation, do “what you can” “when you can” and together we will all make a difference. As people with loved ones that suffer from diabetes, we have not only the challenge of managing our loved ones diabetes, but the “Honor” of being a part of their cure!

Give Yourself a pat on the back for all that you do even when you do need to take a rest, we will carry you while you rest to get reenergized and welcome you back with open arms! Support your local Diabetes Organizations.

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