Thursday, July 31, 2008

Still Catching Up!

It's always great to get away for a couple of days but when you return its the mass rush to catch up. Sometimes I think that we would be better going back to the world of no blackberries, computers and cell phones, because than you could truly sit back and relax. Funny hearing that from me since i literally live on the computer, blackberry and cell phone, loving the internet and the constant source of communication. Ask my husband how crazy i get if the internet goes down! That being said it's always good to get home, my sons are growing up so fast that it's hard to get time with them. I actually had to get into my 20 year olds schedule for a family night! As they grow they are constantly busy with places to go and things to do but it is so important just to gather together for a movie or dinner at least once a week. Now that my 16 year old is learing to drive my life has gotten even crazier. (stress level has gone up also) he's actually a pretty good driver, he's taking a driver ed class this summer and wants to be driving by the end of summer, can you imagine! That will give me two to worry about on the road. Both Adam and Patrick also have type 1 diabetes, so if driving alone isn't worrisome than driving with diabetes is totally scary. We are trying to instill in them to test before turning the key and making sure that they have all the the necessary drink boxes and test strips when traveling! Not an easy task, but we are constantly monitoring and teaching! Today I had to have Adam pick me up from the garage where i was having an oil change, i was pleased to see that he tested before leaving, not so pleased to see the garbage in the back of his car. Are all teenagers like this? I think he forgot where the trash can is, because his back seat was litered with soda can's and chip bags etc. You would have thought he would clean it up before giving mom a ride but no. I had to just turn my head and be thankful that i'am not riding around in that car. (i have to pick my battles, he tested, so if he can't find the trash can its his problem, his car.)

Hard to believe the big show is all over and we are back home already, I am new to blogging so forgive me if i carry on. I wish we had more time after the show to just hang out but maybe another time.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Our Latest Trip!

Every year Dawn and I look forward to our trip to Florida for the CWD show, it's a great place for seeing old friends and making new ones! I think one of the things we like the most is our actual drive to Florida it gives us time to regroup and catch up on all the things that are going on in both of our families. We usually fly my daughter Nikki and Dawn's daughter Jen down. Our vehicle is so packed with things we need for the show and the week that we couldn't possibly fit the girls in the vehicle with us. They enjoy not having to drive 24 hours with us!

This year was quite an adventure, after leaving on Saturday, 7 hours into our journey Dawn's blazer died! We were in Marilyn in the middle lane going 70 miles an hour and the blazer stopped! Talk about scary, we were very lucky that the van behind us realized that we were at a dead stop! Behind the van was an officer (who said they are never around when you need them) we were very thankful to the very nice officer that managed to get someone there quickly to move us out of the center lane. That's when the real fun began, we had to get a tow truck to take us somewhere to see what was wrong. Did you know that in Marilyn on a Saturday everything closes at 3:00pm. Our tow truck driver was not happy to be taking us to one place after the other, so we had to settle at the 2nd stop (this guy was not taking us any where else). Since everything was closing we had to leave the vehicle, rent a van transfer everything from the blazer to the van and continue on our journey, leaving the blazer in Marilyn!

The trip was wonderful the show was great, however on Monday, we got word that Dawn's dog Lucky was missing, he is still missing, this is Dawn's baby so for those of you who have animals you know this is very upsetting especially when you are miles away and can't be there to look.

We were so happy to be able to see so many of our friends, Regina,Allison,Peggy,Bridgett,Cindy,Sue,Patti,Cali and the list is endless. The conference I think is enjoyed by us adults just as much as the children.

Nikki who is 10 years old was thrilled to be at the conference hooking up with her friend from last year Carmen and making a new friend this year Alexis. Nikki was thrilled to now be considered a tween! The girls had a great time at the dance Thursday night!

Friday ended the exhibit part of the conference, we were amazed at all the interest in our Pump Bands, Pump Paks,underwear and T-shirts. We tried to demonstrate the products as much as we could so people could really see how everything worked. Several people commented that is was so good to get to see everything up close, sometimes the website just doesn't show the quality and use. Of course it could be that I haven't really mastered the picture taking yet, but I am working at it.

We had to get the girls off to the airport Friday night right after the show. Their flight got delayed 45 minutes because of the storm and Nikki was scared and didn't want to go because of the lightening (there have been so many storms this year). Finally everything cleared and they took off arriving in Albany at 11:00 that night. Of course I couldn't stand that she was crying when she left so i was relieved when the call came that she was home safe and sound and of course not a tear in her eye!

Dawn and I started back Saturday morning, our long trek back to Marilyn, arriving there at 10:30 picking up the blazer which had endured a week of testing to see what was wrong and having nothing found to be the cause. It started right up and we took it to the hotel for the night, to grab a couple hours sleep. Dropped off the rental the next morning, transferred all the pumpwear show stuff back into the blazer (don't know how our husbands ever got everything in there the first time) but it was quite the show trying to get it repacked. Finally getting on our way about 6:00 Sunday morning, all was well till we hit New York and guess what, the car stopped again! This time we got it off to the side of the road, let it rest for a little while, called the husbands, to have them start down the thruway just in case we couldn't make it. The car started up again, so as we drove up the thruway the husbands were driving down! We did make it home OK, and all is well!

What a week, glad to be home, Dawn's dog is still missing and we are all still searching.

We had a great time despite all that went on, like i always say you have to find the positive in all! We ended up with a bigger van at a great price for a rental and we made lots of new friends and the girls had a wonderful time.

It's always an adventure when Dawn and I travel so we will add this to our escapades

Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Possibilities Are Endless!

Take a look at our new Justine Meter Bag! We are so excited about these really girly girl bags. The ideas are endless. Next up will be a new Messenger Bag created especially for us, with you guessed it a new matching meter case and pump pak! These bags are being designed by Girly Girl Studio, so feel free to hop over there to create your very own creative bag. They have many to choose from. The great thing is that we get to be totally creative by chosing our fabrics and styles. . They also offer home parties and web parties where you can create your own handbags and matching pursey paks!

Don't think we have forgotten all the men in our lives, they are also creating a "Manly Man" section on the website where all those fun ideas will be placed for the men in our lives. So stay tune for many, many new creative ideas!