Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Possibilities Are Endless!

Take a look at our new Justine Meter Bag! We are so excited about these really girly girl bags. The ideas are endless. Next up will be a new Messenger Bag created especially for us, with you guessed it a new matching meter case and pump pak! These bags are being designed by Girly Girl Studio, so feel free to hop over there to create your very own creative bag. They have many to choose from. The great thing is that we get to be totally creative by chosing our fabrics and styles. . They also offer home parties and web parties where you can create your own handbags and matching pursey paks!

Don't think we have forgotten all the men in our lives, they are also creating a "Manly Man" section on the website where all those fun ideas will be placed for the men in our lives. So stay tune for many, many new creative ideas!

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