Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Hidden Expense

People will often comment on the high cost of having diabetes. Diabetes is an expensive disease and it is also a disease that carries a lot of hidden cost. I don’t think people are really aware of the true hidden costs to people who have diabetes? Here is a list of the things that cost us money constantly that most might not relate as an expense to having diabetes (unless of course you have diabetes, than these things you will understand) .

The cases of drink boxes we supply to the school and to have on hand at all times
The snacks that need to be readily available at home and at school
At the beginning of the year the supply of pencil boxes filled with cake gel/drink boxes etc.
The fast acting sugar that needs to be available in all of our cars for drivers with diabetes
The cases and clothing that hold the insulin pump/meter/sensors
The batteries we go through!
The time off from work for the doctor appointments and emergency trips to schools
Extra everything for trips and traveling

I have just added a few because I was shopping at Sam’s today and had to replenish our supplies for home and school and just was amazed at the hidden costs involved that people just don’t understand. I am sure you all will have more that you can add to my list!

Oh and let’s keep the list to items we have to spend money on that are not even “Medical” because that’s in a category all to it’s self!

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Friday, March 26, 2010

I Don't Want To Go!

We have been having terrible blood sugars with our daughter Nikki who is now 12 years old, It could be that we are exiting the tween age group and will soon be entering the teen age group (ok I am looking for excuses). I have heard as they near the teenage years the numbers are more difficult to control. This past 3 months have not been good. We have also had our moments of not wanting to test or the famous I forgot to test and bolus (this I will never understand how you forget when you have been doing it all your life). It’s a time where I feel that I have lost control over being able to rein in on all of our blood sugars. ( I can’t believe I am saying this but I actually liked having control of everything she ate and what the numbers were when Nikki was small) as she gets older I have to rely on her to do the testing and blousing, which is becoming an issue. The high blood sugars also do not make for a "nice" Nikki, so I hope you can feel my frustration and aggravation at the constant nagging for her to test and bolus. I can check and double check and believe me I get the answers I want however, looking at her pump tells a different story.

As Nikki’s next doctor appointment approaches (the last one wasn’t good) I don’t see much of a change. I can honestly say I would rather not go to this doctor appointment. It’s terrible but I feel that these appointments are more about us than about her. It is very difficult to be with them 24/7 to try to make sure they are doing what they should. Yes, I am checking the pump, Yes we are reminding her to test, Yes we are making sure she remembers to bolus (when she is with us). However, she is no longer with us 24/7 so now we have to rely on checking her pump history to see what she has been doing. Yes we have tried the sensor (she totally ignores the alarms). I think we are going through a combination of the age (almost 13) and the “I forgot” stage. Next week is spring break she will be back in my control! New senor will start and hopefully we will get it going on the right track again.

As we crack down once on trying to find a positive way to reinforce good diabetes practices I simply dread this upcoming appointment. So I have come up with the solution! I am sending her in with dad and I am taking the day off! Stay tune !

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Friday, March 19, 2010

As We Prepare

As We Prepare!

We are in full swing with getting ready for the 17 families that will be attending the Pump Wear Inc. “Caring & Sharing, diabetes weekend. This will be our 3rd annual weekend where the chosen families will attend the “Double H Ranch” in Lake Luzerne New York; this is a Paul Newman camp.

I can’t tell you how much this weekend means to all of us. This weekend is the dream of many to be able to put together a totally free family weekend for families that have diabetes (transportation not included) We are so fortunate for the Double H Ranch and the wonderful Angels (that’s our loving committee listed below) that have made this weekend possible.

As a mom of 3 children with diabetes, I remember oh so well never being able to go anywhere and really just feeling that no one else get’s it. I often felt that I was alone in my quest to keep everything going and I felt that we as a family just needed a break where we could have time to focus as a family rather than the focus always on the diabetes. That’s why a weekend away where diabetes is the norm and fun and relaxing are the goal was so appealing to me. I remember wishing that something like this was available for us. What I love about this weekend is that families are not chosen based on anything other than the recommendations that are sent in and our group of Angels simply pick out those that sound like they could really use a “hug”. Believe me it is really hard to choose because we know that so many families could use a weekend like this.

We are getting everything ready for the families’ arrival we want to make sure that this weekend is special to all of them as a family.

We wanted to share our list of “Angels” as we call them, the women behind this event, these wonderful women, fund raise, organize, follow for forms, fund raise, donate, solicit for donations and so much more, oh and did I mention they fund raise!

Kathy Striker
Debbie Bennett
Katie Marschilok of Medtronic
Kimberly Sanger Jones
Anne Levitt of Animas
Julie DeFruscio
Dawn Juneau

The 2010 Caring & Sharing weekend will be April 23-25th, shortly after the weekend in early May we will post the updates for recommending your family for the 2011 weekend.

A huge hug and thank you to the many people, companies and friends that have help to support and make this weekend a success and a special thank you to The Double H Ranch for their staff and wonderful place to hold this event , they truly know how to make this weekend special!

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Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Use It Or Lose It

Use It Or Lose It!

Are you one of those people that put things away for a special occasion? Well say hello to me! I often will take something that I love such as a perfume or outfit and save it for a special occasion. I have even done this with my children’s clothes and things. Let’s save them for a special day or event.

I started my spring cleaning and started to empty drawers, upon doing this I found a bottle of my favorite perfume that I was saving, the perfume had been there for so long that it had evaporated. As I continued to clean I found a couple really nice sweaters that I had totally forgotten about, of course as I look at them today they are really no longer the style that I like, yet they are like new. I am sure I had stashed them away for that special occasion.

As I continued through the house I opened my daughter’s closet and looked at some beautiful dresses that she loves and yet I have told her don’t wear that dress save it for a special occasion. I have now revisited my thinking, that special occasion has arrived! Why not enjoy these simple pleasures now. If you love it use it, wear it. If my daughter wants to wear her Easter Dress why not? What are we waiting for? Am I really denying the pleasures of many days of enjoying something for the satisfaction of knowing that I have it saved for a special occasion?

Often I will put a treasure away to simply be forgotten. Let’s treat every day as special and enjoy our treasures now with the ones we love. This way we will enjoy hours and days of enjoyment now!

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Friday, March 12, 2010

Good Karma

Have you ever met someone that everything seems to happen to, the bad, ugly and more? Have you ever listened to this person talk and think that by the time you leave them you feel like the life has been sucked right out of you? Do you find yourself avoiding them at all costs because they never have anything good to say?

I have always been a firm believer that having a positive attitude and working with the positive brings good karma. So no matter what we are doing I always try to find the silver lining and look at the positive. I love finding a way to make things fun. It has been my experience that when you can extend a positive attitude and vibe to others, you will bring out the positive and more. So being there for others, helping people and finding that silver lining no matter how small really does bring you back the good karma. It’s hard to explain but you can just feel the good around you.

Don’t allow those who are never happy with all the wonderful little things life has to offer to weigh you down. You will get so much more enjoyment from the people that are happy to send a smile your way. So avoid the negative well wishers and move on to the positive, you will be amazed at how your positive attitude will bring positive good karma your way!

Sending you all Good Vibes For a Wonderful Life!

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Friday, March 5, 2010

Boys Are Easier Than Girls!

This is entirely my opinion based on my experience of raising 2 sons and 1 daughter.

Maybe I would feel different if I had the girl first and the boys 2nd but we have raised 2 sons who are several years older than our daughter, Adam 21, Patrick 17 and Nikki 12.

My son’s when growing up went to school, participated in sports and various activities, they had friends that came to the house and hung out and I don’t ever remember there being an argument or problem when a group of them hung out. (they took care of it themselves) There could be a group of 2 or 5 and they all seemed to get along, they might get rowdy and loud but they seem to just mesh well. Never “Drama”

Boys seem to be more even keeled they never talked about others, they never purposely excluded others, they never voiced openly who they liked and disliked! Now maybe they just didn’t express all of this around me, but I seriously can not remember a time when our boys were ever involved in the drama that seems to surround girls.

If you spoke loudly to our sons or even if my husband would look at them a certain way they would instantly behave or at least show that they knew they were in trouble.

I saw it coming right from kindergarten,our little girl was going to be different from our boys, girls are very open with who is doing what, who is going where, what they are doing, and definitely of what they want. I find myself constantly being on my daughter, to not get caught up in the drama that might surround friends. Trying to get her to understand that it’s better to enjoy each friend for what they are.

With boys they could tell a friend something and you would never hear that what they said was all over the school, let alone getting back to anyone. With girls the minute they open their mouths and say something to someone it is all over the place. Especially with Facebook and texting. There is absolutely no down time.

The boys if I told them to put there things away they would do it, with my daughter it’s “in a minute” which never comes till I am threatening.

The boy’s when in trouble would quake with just a stare or stern talking too, with my daughter it takes finding the thing she wants to do the most and taking it away!

The boy’s seem to learn quicker in the aspect of what makes mom happy, the girls could care less.

The boy’s being home was fine; with girls being out in all the drama seems to be the in thing.

The boy’s seem to form a strong bond with a couple friends, girls they seem to keep looking for the friend that they can stand for the moment
Yes my daughter gives us a run for the money, she’s fun, especially creative, caring and loving, but boy oh boy does she have her days!

And don’t get me started on the “emotional outbursts” I think because the boys were so easy I am in shock over load from all that goes on with the girls!

P.S. I LOVE HER THE MOST!!!!!! (added by Nikki)

P.S.P.S. - I know that this is not the case with everyone, this is just my view as I am living it!

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