Friday, March 19, 2010

As We Prepare

As We Prepare!

We are in full swing with getting ready for the 17 families that will be attending the Pump Wear Inc. “Caring & Sharing, diabetes weekend. This will be our 3rd annual weekend where the chosen families will attend the “Double H Ranch” in Lake Luzerne New York; this is a Paul Newman camp.

I can’t tell you how much this weekend means to all of us. This weekend is the dream of many to be able to put together a totally free family weekend for families that have diabetes (transportation not included) We are so fortunate for the Double H Ranch and the wonderful Angels (that’s our loving committee listed below) that have made this weekend possible.

As a mom of 3 children with diabetes, I remember oh so well never being able to go anywhere and really just feeling that no one else get’s it. I often felt that I was alone in my quest to keep everything going and I felt that we as a family just needed a break where we could have time to focus as a family rather than the focus always on the diabetes. That’s why a weekend away where diabetes is the norm and fun and relaxing are the goal was so appealing to me. I remember wishing that something like this was available for us. What I love about this weekend is that families are not chosen based on anything other than the recommendations that are sent in and our group of Angels simply pick out those that sound like they could really use a “hug”. Believe me it is really hard to choose because we know that so many families could use a weekend like this.

We are getting everything ready for the families’ arrival we want to make sure that this weekend is special to all of them as a family.

We wanted to share our list of “Angels” as we call them, the women behind this event, these wonderful women, fund raise, organize, follow for forms, fund raise, donate, solicit for donations and so much more, oh and did I mention they fund raise!

Kathy Striker
Debbie Bennett
Katie Marschilok of Medtronic
Kimberly Sanger Jones
Anne Levitt of Animas
Julie DeFruscio
Dawn Juneau

The 2010 Caring & Sharing weekend will be April 23-25th, shortly after the weekend in early May we will post the updates for recommending your family for the 2011 weekend.

A huge hug and thank you to the many people, companies and friends that have help to support and make this weekend a success and a special thank you to The Double H Ranch for their staff and wonderful place to hold this event , they truly know how to make this weekend special!

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