Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Hidden Expense

People will often comment on the high cost of having diabetes. Diabetes is an expensive disease and it is also a disease that carries a lot of hidden cost. I don’t think people are really aware of the true hidden costs to people who have diabetes? Here is a list of the things that cost us money constantly that most might not relate as an expense to having diabetes (unless of course you have diabetes, than these things you will understand) .

The cases of drink boxes we supply to the school and to have on hand at all times
The snacks that need to be readily available at home and at school
At the beginning of the year the supply of pencil boxes filled with cake gel/drink boxes etc.
The fast acting sugar that needs to be available in all of our cars for drivers with diabetes
The cases and clothing that hold the insulin pump/meter/sensors
The batteries we go through!
The time off from work for the doctor appointments and emergency trips to schools
Extra everything for trips and traveling

I have just added a few because I was shopping at Sam’s today and had to replenish our supplies for home and school and just was amazed at the hidden costs involved that people just don’t understand. I am sure you all will have more that you can add to my list!

Oh and let’s keep the list to items we have to spend money on that are not even “Medical” because that’s in a category all to it’s self!

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