Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Where Do You Wear Your Site

We recently had a problem with Nikki’s site, she noticed that it was hard and hurt to the touch. She typically likes to wear her site on her thigh and she rotates legs and spots on the thigh. When she was younger she would put the site on her upper butt, now that she is older and changing her own site she likes to put it where she can reach it. She will not try the tummy, why I don’t know other than she thinks it hurts there.
Her leg became infected at the site location , she had this type of problem once before and we had to hot pack take meds and it finally went down and cleared up. I automatically started the hot packs got her into a doctor and she is now on the meds. Needless to say no site changes on that leg for a while so we are back where to put her site if she doesn’t want her tummy, the butt is ok but not really where she wants it, so she has it on the one leg and we are looking for more areas that she might be willing to try. Would love to hear where you are wearing your site and how often you rotate the spots.

Julie , Mom to Adam 22, Patrick 18 and Nikki Tyler 12
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Monday, October 18, 2010

Recommendations Need To Be In By 10/31/2010

When we first entered into the world of diabetes I remember feeling like I was alone and know one really understood what we as a family were going through. We felt like we were in an insulated world where we couldn't leave our daughter because we were afraid to leave her and people were afraid to watch her, to missing my sons baseball games because i was treating a low blood sugar. If you have ever felt this way or know a family that just needs a hug be sure to recommend them for the 2011 "Caring and Sharing Weekend.

The beautiful part about this weekend is that is is totally free to the 19 families chosen and it is for the entire family. Think of it 1 weekend of carefree fun with your family and others. (transportation not included). The 2011 forms are on line for the "Caring & Sharing" Weekend and must be postmarked by 10/31/2010.

Julie, Mom to Adam 22, Patrick 18, Nikki Tyler 12

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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

No Plan At All!

I just love when there’s no plan and everything comes together. This past weekend Patrick was home from school. It was wonderful to spend the day with him, Nikki and his friend Sean. That night Patrick’s friend Erica came over and they all stayed up watching movies and fell asleep on the living room floor.
Sunday mornings we do breakfast I text ed Adam to make sure he was awake and could meet us, woke the gang on the floor up. Mark was not golfing so he was able to join us and my mother in law Lorraine was also coming. Adam’s friend Matt called to see if he could come too!
We arrived at Denny’s around 8:30 a.m. a party of 9 and it was so wonderful to have everyone together, our children and their friends who are like ours as well. Around the table 4 children tested their blood sugar (Erica also has diabetes) . It was the norm and between the jokes, laughter and love I have to say it was a perfect morning!
It’s moments like this that are just the best! Oh and totally unplanned!

Julie, Mom to Adam 22, Patrick 18, Nikki Tyler 12 all have Type 1 diabetes

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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Diabetes Mom Approved

This past summer we had a great experience with The Great Escape in Lake George New York. They were friendly and so accommodating to the needs of our daughter and her diabetes. Having this park recognize the needs of our daughter made her summer one of the best! Since we had season passes we loved going here because we knew that Nikki would be able to really enjoy the park and when diabetes issues came knocking on our door this park stepped up to the plate to help and ensure that Nikki was taken care of and had a good time.

I posted recently on my facebook how "Diabetes Friendly" this park was and also mentioned a place that was not so "Diabetes Friendly". There were so many responses from people also telling about places and restaurants that they have found very helpful to them that it got me thinking. Wouldn't it be great to have a place where we can share this information, other mom's and caregivers sharing information on where the place to be is. After all if there are places out there that give great service, have carbs on menus and other things wouldn't you want to know about it?

So we have created a "Diabetes Mom Approved" Fan Page on Facebook. We have formed a committee of mom's that will be coming up with a mission statement and guidelines so that we can share and spread the word about places that are "Diabetes Friendly".

Be sure to check it out and list what you have found we will be reviewing all posts as we develop this page to bring you the places that are "Diabetes Friendly".

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Julie, Mom to Adam 22, Patrick 18 and Nikki Tyler 12 All have Type 1 Diabetes

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