Friday, April 2, 2010

What Does It Mean?

What Does It Mean?

We have a 2000 Chevrolet Venture, it’s a 7 passenger vehicle which has been great for carting everyone around. When you have 3 children and all of their things and their friends to bring all over having a van is a great way to go! We also like to go to Myrtle Beach and driving 10 hours in a van has made the trip comfortable and has allowed us to carry everything we need with us.

Since Adam is now 21has his own car and rarely travels with us and Patrick is 18 and has his own car also, that leaves us with just Nikki! So I tend to tool around with our Honda Civic, who wants to fill that gas tank on the van when it’s just her and I! So our van now sits a lot more than it ever has before. We are getting ready to take a short vacation to Myrtle Beach and you got it my husband and I don’t want to drive the van for only 3 people! Nikki of course wants us to take the van because than she can have all that extra room.

Even though we haven’t been using our van an awful lot over the past 2 years I have always justified it by saying its great when we want to go on vacation or need to travel. So as this vacation approaches us and both my husband and I don’t want to take it I wonder.

I hate the thought of not having our precious van, full of memories and fun times, our precious vehicle has served us well and now sits more often than not. What does it mean? Approaching an empty nest?

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