Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Use It Or Lose It

Use It Or Lose It!

Are you one of those people that put things away for a special occasion? Well say hello to me! I often will take something that I love such as a perfume or outfit and save it for a special occasion. I have even done this with my children’s clothes and things. Let’s save them for a special day or event.

I started my spring cleaning and started to empty drawers, upon doing this I found a bottle of my favorite perfume that I was saving, the perfume had been there for so long that it had evaporated. As I continued to clean I found a couple really nice sweaters that I had totally forgotten about, of course as I look at them today they are really no longer the style that I like, yet they are like new. I am sure I had stashed them away for that special occasion.

As I continued through the house I opened my daughter’s closet and looked at some beautiful dresses that she loves and yet I have told her don’t wear that dress save it for a special occasion. I have now revisited my thinking, that special occasion has arrived! Why not enjoy these simple pleasures now. If you love it use it, wear it. If my daughter wants to wear her Easter Dress why not? What are we waiting for? Am I really denying the pleasures of many days of enjoying something for the satisfaction of knowing that I have it saved for a special occasion?

Often I will put a treasure away to simply be forgotten. Let’s treat every day as special and enjoy our treasures now with the ones we love. This way we will enjoy hours and days of enjoyment now!

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