Friday, May 14, 2010

One of those days!

My day started pretty good, I got out the door on time went to pick up my daughters friend to take to school, I waited in the car while Nikki went in to get her, 20 minutes later they came out, all was good I had my kindle to keep me company.

Drop them off at school, run to post office, go to work, son number 1 comes in to go over some paper work he needed help with, no sooner sit down and son # 2 calls has a rash that won’t stop itching, he is highly allergic to a lot of things and had already been to the doctors once but the meds weren’t working. Can’t get him into a doctor again so we are on way to emergency room when I finally get a hold of doctor for new meds. Go to Pharmacy to get the meds, I could see this was going to take way to long so I leave my son there with payment (nice that he can drive) and head out to my 11:30 meeting. Meeting turned out to be a bust not at all what we were thinking it would be, so I turn around to run out to get a shipment of new products rushing to make sure I can get the shipment and get back to pick up Nikki. The shipment turns out to have the wrong size case and has to go back (what are you going to do things happen) so I go and pick up my daughter from school.

School gets out no Nikki, then I remember she has practice for her awards ceremony no problem I have my kindle to keep me company. She comes out 1 hour later and wants to go to her bowling league which she at this point has already missed more than half of, but it’s the last one and they are giving out awards so I pull into the bowling alley she runs in. Nikki comes back 10 minutes later with 2 awards and a bowling towel and lets me know that I owe her 1.00 because she didn’t bowl but I have to pay if she misses it. She’s happy and I am ready to head home and son number 2’s skin doctor calls and wants to see him, he is on his way back to the office can I meet him there. I drop off Nikki and meet Patrick at doctor’s office, long story short guess what Patrick has? Poison IVY poor kid! So we finally get him taken care of, I stop yes again at the pharmacy to drop off the new prescription and run home because now its 5:30 and Nikki has a softball game. Ask me what I got done today and I think I will scream!

So I calmly turned Nikki over to my husband and told them to have a great game and I will see them in a little while. Finally Peace & Quiet! It was just one of those days!

Julie Mom to Adam (21) Patrick (18) & Nikki 12

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