Friday, May 21, 2010

How Many Balls In The Air Do You Have?

How many balls do you have in the air? Do you ever feel like you have so many things going on that you can’t imagine getting everything done? It’s really kind of funny but the more balls I have in the air I really feel like the more things I do get done!

You know the old saying, if you want something done than ask a busy person! That is so true. This past week has been a crazy, crazy, week, I was tied up all day at a career fair (which was totally awesome) than we had softball games, dance practice for Nikki’s recital, Junior National Honor Society, Chamber meetings and trying to get house, yard ready for upcoming graduation party. In the mist of all of this I have been running around trying to make sure everyone is testing and blousing, (remember we had those not so pretty episodes of not testing and blousing when they should). So I have been trying to stay on top of all 3 children. One child is really doing well, one is starting to see the light and making improvements, and one child is telling me lots of stories, (like “I didn’t eat at all today” therefore I didn’t need to test and bolus) and if I believe that one I am sure there will be another tale for me. With diabetes it’s just being consistent and continually trying to stay on top of what is going on. I don’t have a secret formula of what works and what doesn’t but I do know that if “I” am not watching what is going on it seems like everyone gets lazy.

So in the mist of all our craziness I make list after list of things that I need to check and do and I find that more often than not I am pretty good about getting through my list, and I am great at follow up! So if you are looking to get all those things you want done, than start making “lists”. I have to write down even the smallest things like (remember to text Nikki for blood sugar) because I just won’t remember if I don’t have it written down, (now that is sad).

Have A Great Weekend!

Julie mom to Adam (21), Patrick (18) and Nikki (12)

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