Friday, June 4, 2010

Dear Nick

This is a letter that I just sent to Nick Jonas to invite him to participate in the "Wall of Change". Wouldn't it be great to see Nick's wall of change! Don't know if the letter will reach him or if it will get read but I just had to give it a try!

So Nick if you are out there please join us on the "Wall of Change". We would also like to invite everyone with diabetes to participate it's easy, fun and it will help fund a cure for diabetes!

Dear Nick Jonas,

Thank you for all that you are doing to bring awareness to Type 1 diabetes, and the efforts you are making to help raise funds to find a cure for diabetes. Having you as a face for diabetes has been so rewarding to our children because it lets them know that they truly can do anything. Along with being a face for diabetes you have called attention to the fact that diabetes can affect anyone and that it is time for the cure.

As a mom of three children who suffer from this illness finding a cure for diabetes has become my life time goal. That’s why we have established the “Wall of Change”. The
Wall of Change is simply a wall on the internet that has the many faces of children and adults suffering from diabetes. It’s easy to participate you simply gather your spare change and form the number of years that you have had diabetes than take a picture, you send the picture to us and the change to JDRF. The “Wall of Change” allows us to put a face on diabetes and help fund the cure 1 penny at a time.

We would like to invite you to participate in the “Wall of Change” it’s easy and fun and we know that having you as a face for diabetes would encourage others to help fund the cure 1 penny at a time.

You can view the “Wall of Change

Hope Everyone has a great weekend and I will be sure to let you know if we hear from Nick! If anyone out there knows him please feel free to pass this on to him!

Julie mom to Adam (21), Patrick (18), Nikki (12) All Type 1 Diabetes

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