Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Don't Feel Guilty

I Don’t Feel Guilty!

About 6 years ago we were in Disney and my son Adam had an episode from standing in the heat. He was with a group of other children who also happen to have diabetes and by the time I got to him he was dehydrated and basically done for the day. He was in their medical office for the a while and at the hotel with my husband the rest of the night recovering from being dehydrated.

This all occurred because he was standing in lines, not drinking etc. It happened fast and his blood sugar just dropped and it was difficult to keep it up. Disney was actually wonderful and they offered us a pass to get him on the rides without waiting in the lines. He was to sick to use the passes that day but we went back actually a couple days later and had a wonderful day because we were able to use this pass to move us through the lines with out all that standing in the hot sun.

At first I felt guilty for using the pass and moving ahead of the lines (people will look at you like how come you get to go in without waiting) people don’t really understand why it’s not good for us to have them stand in line in the heat like that and how it really can effect someone with diabetes blood sugar we were lucky with the episode with Adam he was able to recover within a day. As I thought about this benefit (if there is ever a benefit) to go in to an amusement park and let them know of our medical necessity one little thing like being able to get through a ride without having to wait in line was the one thing that could actually be a positive for a child with diabetes I say go for it!

Julie Mom to Adam (21), Patrick (18) & Nikki Tyler (12) all have Type 1 Diabetes

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