Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Barton Center!

For those of you that are trying to figure out wheter you should send your child to camp I wanted to share with you my daughters experience at The Barton Center

This was Nikki's 2nd year attending the 4 day session at Barton. It was a major event making sure that she had all of the right things with her, flash light, swim gear,sleeping bag, clothes and oh lets not forget the dress (or should i say dresses) for the dance they have there. The dance is one of the focal points in Nikki's stay at Barton. Since she couldn't decide what dress she was going to wear she brought all 3 with her. Taking them from hanging neatly on hangers to thrown into her suitcase (not sure she knows what they will really look like when they come out of that bag, wrinkles and all.) The point is that she is happy and so looking forward to going to Barton. This really surprised me since last year she had fun but i truly didn't realize the impact that those 4 days and nights last year had on her.

We arrived at Barton on Sunday afternoon, later than most of the campers so she was anxious to just get to her new friends, with a quick kiss and hug she was off! Now mom's will understand this, I was thinking and hoping she was going to hate the idea of leaving me just a little, but no she had more important friends to make!

My husband and I after 30 years of marriage decided to take a quick 3 day vacation since we felt comfortable in the knowledge that Nikki would be safe and in good hands of the diabetes professionals. We had a great time, but I missed not hearing Nikki's voice terribly. Ok I am sure all of you moms can understand this I have a hard time letting her grow up. A child with diabetes leans on us so much that when that care is shifted we kind of feel like something is missing. To be honest I really missed her! I know how important it is for her to gain independence and I am so happy that she embracing the spirit of The Barton Camp. But I am still a mom struggling with my youngest growing up.

I could hardly wait to pick her up on Thursday, of course I wanted to rush right in and hug her but she was busy still in the dining hall having dinner. When the parents were allowed in we all were surrounded by hugs and kisses from our fearless campers! A beautiful closing ceremony followed. My daughter was beaming and loved having her friends with her. She was a little upset with me because she met up with 2 of her friends from last year who were there for 2 weeks! Why didn't I sign her up for 2 weeks! They all exchanged e-mails and they have already scheduled the session for next year! 2 weeks of course! I know through this experience that she will love it and have a great time. In experiencing the closing ceremony at Barton you can see all of the kids that have returned year after year, many now as counselors and the bond that they all have truly formed. I know that my daughter could not have found a better place to be. Now someone tell me how I will get through 2 weeks without her!

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