Thursday, August 28, 2008

Growing Up!

As many of you know I have three wonderful children that happen to all suffer from type 1 diabetes. You often hear me speak about my daughter Nikki who happens to be the youngest and the first to have been diagnosed. I think I probably have a lot to say about her because being the youngest she is the one that is always with me and as most of you can understand when they hit the teenage years theres really a lot you could say about our lovely darlings but don't dare.. I have children in the Tween years, Teen Years and Now the 20's. Did I really say I have a 20 year old son (well almost he will turn 20 in September).

You will see as our little ones hit those great Tween and teen years they will rely less and less on us till they are finally leaving the nest! Each age group poses its own set of worries for us as parents. My son Patrick the 16 year old just got his license today, hence the worries of is he testing before he turns the key, does he have drink boxes with him. As I sit here writing this post I am awaiting his safe return from his first solo trip to the mall. Yes there is always something to worry about and yes i hate to cut the apron strings.

I'am one of those moms that would be perfectly happy with my little ones never leaving the nest but hence they do want to spread their wings and venture out on their own. Our oldest did just that. Adam turns 20 this September and as many 20 years old he is ready for his independence. He hasn't moved far (around the corner from us) with 3 friends of his. Each friend has contributed their own stock of mismatched furniture, dishes, pans. All cramming their beds, dressers into tiny rooms with no closets. Most leaving homes where they had their own roomy, rooms with tv's and computers. These courageous young men are so excited and thrilled to have a place of their own. Instead of seeing no closets they see creative ways to use bins. My Adam who never made his bed (without lots of whining) is now telling me he will stop over after he finishes making his bed and doing the dishes! At our house we call him the cheesy king because he always left the kitchen with a sink full of cheesy pans for someone else to clean up. Could our Adam really be growing up! Adam is now working full time for the Center For the Disabled, we are very proud of him.

After being away from home for about 3 weeks now he has really started to show that he is maturing. This week he called to see if we could set up a Friday morning as a breakfast date, so we can catch up weekly (yes this made my heart melt) knowing that he does indeed miss me and wants to spend time with me. He has been coming over on Thursdays for family night and laundry day so we are all settling into a routine. I'am glad he is just around the corner from us so we know he is safe.

As the school year has now gotten off to a start we are all busy with the fun of gathering school supplies, completing and confirming 504's (yes i think that you must have a 504 in place) and all that involves, training and meeting with teachers our lives can get very hetic. Through all of the craziness as I call it there's nothing like a hug from your full grown son!

So for all of us who are sending our children off to college, school, or adulthood, grab an extra hug and keep them close in your hearts because they will surprise us and make us proud.

The one thing I have to say about having a family of children with diabetes, as many of you can also agree with, we do alot of hugging!


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