Friday, October 23, 2009

The Report Card

It’s that time again , our 3 month check up. The A1C symbolizes a grade to me I know it shouldn't’t but it does and I sometimes feel like I am taking the test when studying all the wrong information. That’s what happens when our darlings grow up and become more responsible for their own care.

My children are growing fast and have taken on more responsibility for their care, they all change their own sites, count carbs and bolus on their own and Adam my oldest can even take himself to his doctor appointment. So how is it that this tiny number called an A1C can have such an impact over us.

It’s because that one little number (and we do hope its little under 7) really reflects what the child of the moment Adam, Patrick or Nikki’s blood sugar average has been for the last 3 months. The higher the number the worst its been the lower the number the happier we all are. I like to think positive so we are going to anticipate a great low number.

At our endo right when you walk in they take your pump and download all your numbers (no more telling them what you think they have been or relying on all your lists of numbers). Since my children are older now this has been really helpful. Being able to review the daily numbers can really now give me an idea of what is going on during the day when I am not with them.

I don’t know about you but my children know the numbers I like to hear for a blood sugar 120 and 90 and they will give me those numbers often when I am asking them what their blood sugar is (I ask it a lot). Funny when I look at their meters that’s rarely the number that is there. (sometimes they haven’t tested or they tested and they knew I would’t like the number that they actually are.) So yes even at ages 17 and 21 I still have to check meters.

Technology is a beautiful thing! We have started 2 of our children on sensors which I personally love being able to look and see what the blood sugar has been throughout the day. They also like being able to see how their blood sugars are moving.

Remembering they are still children but being strict in our belief that they test frequently and always have a fast acting sugar available. Reinforcing how proud we are of them when they are getting it right, testing and being responsible even if the number isn’t what we want.

Now that we have been on the sensor about 1 month, I am really curious to start and see where our A1C’s will be. I am looking for a good grade!

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