Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Scary Thing Happened!

A month ago we got a call that our oldest son Adam was wide awake but not responding to his friends. His friends tested him and he was 279. They called me and said he is like awake and its not a low blood sugar but he’s not really responding to us. 911 was called. My husband and I raced to where he was, and promptly tested him, he was 31. 911 arrived and started an iv which brought him back within minutes.

Just when you think you have it covered you find that you really have to check and double check. The things we learned:

This is our opinion only please check with your doctor on medical care.

1. Treat the symptom immediately (we relied on what he’s friends told us). Knowing he wasn’t responding we should have treated that low blood sugar symptom.
2. Adam was unable to drink a drink box, his friends did not know where his emergency kit was. We have now given everyone a lesson and have shown them where his kit is kept in his car. He had the visor case but with tablets in it we have now added sugar packages.
3. Make sure friends know how to test them (wipe off their fingers) etc.

One thing that I had never witnesses was the inability to drink. We tried a drink box but the juice just accumulated in his mouth so we couldn’t give that to him in fear that he would choke.

Important piece of information that I gained: (Its good to focus on a positive )

The paramedic told me something that I thought was very helpful, he said to carry sugar packages around with you, in your car in your purse. If something like this happens simply empty the sugar package on their Tongue and it will dissolve and its pure sugar.
Best of all you can grab some of these anywhere. So we have added the packets to all our emergency kits.

Hope we have given you some insight. Adam is fine.

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