Friday, August 20, 2010

The Camping Experience

Diabetes Camps, Oh the anticipation of going, we had to get there early because she wanted a top bunk, we got there and there were no top bunks so she seemed to accept this as a trooper and proceeded to stake her claim to the bunk of her choice. Of course she chose the one that had the draws in it because a girl has to have a place for her things!

Although Nikki has gone to the Circle of Life Camp for years and has always loved it this year was different, first it was at a new location 3 hours away from where we live. So for me this was a little stressful because I am not use to having her that far away from me, also this was her first year with the big girls (the 13 year olds) and up, and many of the kids that normally went to camp weren’t going to be there. She was also going for a longer period of time.

The new camp is huge with a lot more land and room than before with so many possibilities for many events and programs down the road. Nikki loved that this camp had a built in pool (my girl does not like the sand, dirt or lake). We left her in the care of her New Counselors.

I started writing my bunk notes to her right away, and when we picked her up she declared that she had the most bunk notes ever (well i didn’t plan it that way but i think i ordered more credits than i should have and than had to use them up) so she got bunk notes from everyone and really enjoyed them.

The week in our house was quiet and I truly realized how much I enjoy having her by my side, especially now that our Patrick will be going away to school.

Patrick and I drove out to pick her up and the smile on her face and the friends that she was attached to made me realize that no matter what the cost or the distance having a child attend a diabetes camp is worth the experience and friendships that they will make. These friendships will last a life time. We weren’t even in the door and Nikki got on facebook and her new friends were already friending her. Her other friend was texting her all the way home. So although distance may separate them kindred hearts bring them together and facebook and texting keep them connected. They are already planning a meet up!

The cost of a diabetes camp is considerably more than a week long camp for a child that does not have diabetes, so I always like to mention that although the camps are costly they are worth every penny and there are ways to help ensure that your child has this opportunity. Many organizations such as the elks club, and Rotary Clubs just to mention a few often will donate to help a child go to diabetes camp. Also many of the camps have a process where you can apply for scholarships to the camp. Another option is to do your own fund raiser to help with the cost of camp. I hope that your child has the opportunity to visit one of the many wonderful diabetes camps available.

Till Next Time: Julie mom of Adam 21, Patrick 18 and Nikki 12 All with Type 1

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