Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Day Has Come

August 22nd I woke up to a down pour of rain that promised to continue throughout the day. It was ok because it just went with my mood. The day had arrived to drop Patrick off at school. I thought I would at least hold it together till it was time to leave him, but we never even made it out of our yard before the tears began to fall. Yet Patrick was comforting and I got to ride the whole way out with just him and I, with Mark and Nikki following in the filled van.

The rain was awful and I kept thinking how we are going to unload all of this stuff in this down pour! Have no fear when we arrived to unload his things about 20 students met us at the door and in 1 trip we were able to bring all of his things up to his room.

We quickly got the bed made and things unloaded, than we made the fateful trip to the store for all of the things we forgot or just didn’t think to bring. We stopped for lunch and than brought him back to his dorm.

We met his room mate Chris who was really nice Chris had been there a week because he does soccer, he proceeded to introduce Patrick to more new friends. The college actually had a schedule pretty full of activities for the entire incoming freshman starting with that night.

We finally said our goodbyes (I think he was finally happy to be left alone). Our drive home was filled with more rain, detours that took us out of our way and Nikki getting sick in the back seat. At first I thought she had ketones but none were present and she felt much better afterwards. We got home about 8:00 pm and later that night I received my first Skype call from Patrick telling us he went to the get together and he really thinks he likes it there.

Got to love technology away from home but still connected!

Julie, Mom to Adam 21, Patrick 18 & Nikki 12 All have Type 1 diabets

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