Thursday, September 3, 2009

5 Ways To Start Out The School Year

5 Ways To Start The School Year

1. Have a 504 Plan in place. I know many people don't believe that they will ever need this, but it can be months down the road or even years before you might need to actually use the accommodations you set up. It's better to be prepared rather than wait for something to arise. Protect your child now.
2. Supply each of your child's class rooms with a pencil box filled with drink box, cake gel, extra test strips, and glucose tabs. Teachers love knowing that you are helping to keep your child safe and making life easier for school staff to have what they need close by. I also label each box with Nikki and our son's name and our emergency phone numbers and contact information.
3. Supply the school with a "Substitute teacher form that can be placed in the substitute teachers folder. This helps to let all substitutes know that a child in their class has Type 1 diabetes and what the emergency procedures are.
4. Label all food with Carb Labels, and provide the class teach with a carb counting book. This helps make counting carbs fun.
5. Place a container of extra drink boxes, snacks and medical supplies in the nurses office for easy access should a teacher need something.

Making our children safe is so important and working to have the necessities easily available will ensure knowledge and safety. Managing Diabetes for children in school can be challenging, giving out information, arranging for a diabetes educator to come in once a year to train teachers and caregivers can also help make your year in school a success.

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