Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The History Of The Insulin Pump

The History of the Insulin Pump

As a mom of 3 children with type 1 diabetes I have been so thankful for the insulin pump. Throughout the years I have become very interested in the history of how the insulin pump evolved and have found some very interesting books and websites. I would like to share some of that information with you in a series of blogs that talk about the history of the insulin pump.
A special thanks to Janet Elliott Hughey who wrote the book “Tolerating The Sweet Life”. Janet has given us permission to share this information. You can purchase Janet’s book at:
Janet’s book has lots of information, pictures, poems and humor. A must read!
My first question about the history of the insulin pump is what exactly did the first insulin pump look like?
Take a look at the picture here and just try to imagine you or your child wearing this monster of a pump.
The Evolution of Pumps
The prototype of the first pump that delivered glucagon as well as insulin, backpack style, was in the early '60s. Next is a picture of some early pumps.
Janet’s book the “Tolerating The Sweet Life” really gives you an accounting of how it was to be on the insulin pump when they were first developed. We will be doing a series of blogs about the history of the insulin pump. If you have information or pictures of the first insulin pumps and you would like to share this information please send to pumpwear@nycap.rr.com

Be sure to check out Janet's book "The Sweet Life" at http://www.maxpages.com/TSLandCLIP

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