Friday, November 20, 2009

Finding The Medical Alert That Works

We all struggle with getting our children to wear a medical alert. Something that they will keep on. We have run the full scope of medical alerts trying to make sure that the Adam, Patrick and Nikki keep an alert on at all times. This is not easy as I am sure most of you know, you may start with something and think that they are wearing the alert than find that they have taken it off and are not actually wearing the alert at all times. Believe me this is an ongoing battle.

I think the pump itself is a direct give away that the person wearing it has diabetes but i still struggle to keep medical alerts on the kids.

Well we have been working with a line of diabetes awareness jewelry that is really cool Dazzling, multi-faceted crystal pendants that create the perfect focal point. Really beautiful jewelry, we have been playing with putting the word diabetes on one of the necklaces and fell in love with this vertical style alert.

The first shipment came in yesterday and 12 year old Nikki (yesterday was her birthday) saw them and immediately put one on. I did not ask her to wear one or even offer it to her she saw them and just wanted one. Finally something she really likes, the only thing is that its not waterproof so she does have to remove it to shower, but she doesn't seem to mind.

I would have a picture of her wearing it but she got out of here today before i could get the picture. So watch for the updated picture when she returns.

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