Sunday, November 22, 2009

So You Think You Can Dance Contest

Congratulations to Nikki & Madden who came in first place in the "So You Think You Can Dance Contest". This contest was held at the girls school and it was held just like American Idol with 3 judges that graded each act.

The girls worked extra hard on getting their act together, doing lots of practice. Madden's mom Jen was their coach and as Nikki will tell you she worked the hard! (funny what 12 year olds consider hard). All their hard work paid off.

Nikki wasn't thrilled about being the boy but she looked so cute and Madden was beautiful, they coordinated their outfits so the ribbon on the top of Nikki's hat matched Madden's dress.

It was a wonderful evening and all of the contestants did a really great job. It takes a lot for kids to get up in front of a full crowd of their peers and dance, then be judged.

So congratulations to everyone who participated. Of course Nikki's numbers were off the chart after the event, and there was only 1 trophy but the girls are doing wonderful sharing the prize, Nikki had it and Now Madden is enjoying it. Great to see how friends can share.


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