Friday, July 30, 2010

Many Changes

Did you ever notice that when things happen they usually happen all at once. We have so many changes happening here that it really is amazing. First in front of our house they are redoing the park and tennis courts to a newer and improved regulation size, redoing our road and sidewalks, we literally cannot go out side our front yard due to the ongoing construction. They are working really hard and the park and road should be ready for September.

To get to our home you have to come on to the island it’s called Van Schaick Island and the bridge to get here has been being redone also, so we have to come into the island from the other side. The new bridge is looking really good and should be ready this September.

Then in the mist of all this we had Patrick graduate from High School and in 3 weeks (so soon) we will be packing him up to go to college. Adam has ventured out on his own (for the 2nd time) with a group of friends leaving yet another room empty. Come September it will be just Mark, Nikki and I and a new bridge a new park and a new road.

After a summer so full of noise, activity and fun it will be interesting adjusting to the quiet of the street and the house.

Julie, Mom to Adam 21, Patrick 18 and Nikki 12 All with Type 1 Diabetes

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