Thursday, October 9, 2008

Halloween Is In The Air!

This week has been a truly crazy week! Everyone's blood sugars have been running on the high end. (do you think that they have all gotten into the bags of candy I have purchased in anticipation of Halloween)? Either that or there is something in the air. Patrick had to leave school today to come home and change his site. He's 16 and now prefers to change his site at home verus going to the nurse. Luckily we only live a minute away so he can easily do this. Nikki's blood sugar has been all over the place, She has been better about texting me her blood sugars at lunch time, but even with waking with a good number today she came out at a 296 pre lunch. so we have been correcting it all day. I am finding that as they get older we have less and less control on what goes in their mouth. And even though they tell you they haven't eaten anything that would explain the high blood sugar I keep finding empty wrappers from candy and empty bags of cheetos (Nikki's favorites). If you are like us, we tend to have a couple good days and than everything changes, its a constant struggle to get everyone checking and bolusing (before) they eat.

I need a better way to explain to all of my children that the goal is to bolus "before eating". This is a common thread with all three of our children, they eat than they remember to test. If we are with them, than everyone tests first, we count the carbs and than they bolus. This makes the numbers even out and stay within range. All it takes to throw the whole day off is for one of them to eat something and either not bolus or bolus afterwards.

With Halloween approaching I dread the day of highs that usually takes place, even with careful planning it is a difficult day to monitor. This year Nikki is in the middle school so the class parties are done (i hate to say it but i am glad to be done with those). Now its just the after school trick or treat we will have to deal with. For Halloween we usually ride the roller coaster of numbers, because of the activity level and the candy that everyone eats we are all over the place. This year I am determined to conquer this monster of a day. So i will wish you all the best of luck on conquering this. As parents we want our children to be able to enjoy this day like everyone else, I find although a hard day to control even with all of the carbs listed for candy, its well worth the effort to let them just be kids. So we will continue to work hard at trying to maintain normal numbers (does anyone ever maintain normal numbers?)if you don't you are not alone. Some times I think I live on a different planet! I am a constant broken record, did you test, did you bolus, let me see your meter, let me see your pump, how many carbs did you use? Sound familiar? Well Halloween I am going to put it all aside and just do the best we can!

Hope everyone has a very Happy Halloween! Nikki is going to be a witch this year! Last year she made her very own princess costume including a pump pocket for her pump! This year she bought tights that she cut up (she loves to cut up clothing), a mariyln monroe dress and wig with a witch hat? she created the whole thing,so i think we are a Marilyn Monroe Witch! Happy Happy!

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