Sunday, October 26, 2008

Nikki Tyler is Stylin!

Here is our darling, Nikki Tyler! Nikki is wearing our new pump pouch,with a matching watch and my New York Sweatshirt!

I recently went on a trip to PA, for our annual shopping trip, (not so much shopping as get together of friends). We do this every year about 80 ladies pile onto 2 buses for our annual shopping trip. We leave at 5:15 a.m. sharp and arrive in reading Pa at about 10:00 a.m. As the store doors open we are all set to tackle the day.

I really enjoyed this years trip, for some reason it really seemed much more relaxed people were so friendly and all willing to share their great bargains. We New Yorkers get the added bonus of "No Sales Tax" when shopping in PA. At about 5:00 we all pile back into our bus and go to the hotel. Where this year we waited for the 2nd year in a row 45 minutes to an hour for our hotel keys. (luckily we got to watch a movie while we waited). We can't figure out why there seems to be an issue with the hotel and hotel keys every year. But even this did not phaze us at all, our groups broke off to many differen eatery's. We decided on a restuarant real close (i won't mention names) because it was close to the hotel, easy to get to and would give us time to get back to use the hot tub (love the hot tub its the best part). The service was not the best, in fact we were all kind of in shock that the waitress was sitting down having a soda with at least 6 unclean tables near by. Actually seemed put out that she had to clean a table for us. Well it was still fun and we did eventually get our food, made it back to the hotel for exactly 15 minutes of hot tub time.

Our next day was another beautiful sunny day, calling home everyone was doing well, dad was holding down the fort! (i do believe Nikki was giving him a run for his money) Patrick is pretty self sufficient so he just did his own thing (It hurts to have them grow up and see that they really can take care of themselves.)

On the way home I found this really great sweatshirt in my favorite color green, i found it at the rest stop on the way back into New York. Well I have not been able to even wear it, Nikki saw it on the table and has been using it ever since. Which is pretty surprising seeing as it is a womens Large. It matched her new pump pouch and when she saw that matching watch (yes you are going to be able to get matching watches to the pump pouches coming out) she loved the look! Now she wants several pouches with the watches to match. Personally I really like the watches myself and i'am using the larger pump pouches for my black berry so we are actually matching each other.

I think I better be prepared for a long road of daughter borrowing my clothes, I only wish I was her size and could borrow her things!!!

Hope you all really enjoy this Halloween week, and Fall Season!


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