Thursday, October 16, 2008

In Honor Of Diabetes Awareness Month "I Test & I Pump Shirts

November is National Diabetes Awareness Month and November 14th is World Diabetes Day. So we thought what can we come up with that would get people talking and asking questions about diabetes. That's when we thought what if we came up with some cool shirts that said "I test" and "I Pump"? Would those two words on shirts bring a response of what does it mean? We think so! When wearing theses shirts you have the perfect opportunity to bring out information about diabetes and the need to find a cure. The shirts are beautifully done in rhinestones and we have some other cute white t-shirts coming also. The are located at look under the new products page.

We hope that people will ask alot of questions about them. But most of all we hope that you enjoy them. For the month of November remember to try and bring out as much information as you can about diabetes and why we need a cure. What I like to do is let the schools and city know that November is National Diabetes awareness month so that they can post it on their calendars. On November 14th I will send in a charm croc to each of my children's teachers, as a thank you for all that they do to help us manage diabetes and to also generate more talk about diabetes.

I know in my heart that some day we will find a cure and that our children and adults will experience life without daily pricks and worries. I still remember the first year Nikki was diagnosed we did our first Walk to Cure Diabetes. I remember telling Nikki that we were walking to cure diabetes and she would get to meet lots of new friends as we all joined together to raise money for the cure. The next morning she woke up and wanted to know if we had done it? Not knowing what we were suppose to do she responded as only a then 3 year old could "the Cure " you know we walked to cure diabetes, did we do it? Of course tears came flowing and lots of hugs, how do you explain that no we didn't do it yet, but I know that we will find the cure, and I know that we will find it so that our children and adults can know life without diabetes. So as November is the offical month of bringing awareness to diabetes lets spread the word in everything we do!

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