Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Time To Brag!

Ok I just can't help myself! Nikki has a style that is unique to herself. Since she was a little girl she would insist on matching and selecting her own clothes. Let me tell you that i would cringe when she picked the orange stripe pants with the pink poka dot top! (and i am not kidding). When you have a child with diabetes I sincerely believe that you have to pick your battles and what she wore was not a battle i felt I had to fight. If she was happy wearing these bright, different outfits who am I to try and change her.

Through the years (the past 3) Nikki has done some things that really have made me think that we might just have a designer here. For example, one day I came home to find that she had taken several shirts out of her closet that she didn't care for and cut them up, making them look like tube tops that she than paired with other shirts. (I didn't think these looked like anything I would want to wear) but she soon had her friends swapping out there nice looking cute shirts for her new shirt versions. This is just one of the many creations of Nikki Tyler.

A couple of years ago Nikki expressed a desire to learn to sew, now i can't sew a straight line and I really do not have the knowledge to teach anyone how to go about sewing. Sewing is a lost art, it's become expensive to sew and you have to really love the whole process. Fortuately we have someone who is an excellent seamstress and she offered to give Nikki lessons. Now as many of you parents probably know our children may take lessons for music, band,sewing, drama etc, wheter they ever really end up using what they learn is another story.

Well since Nikki has been learning she made her Halloween costume last year by tracing out what she wanted and her teacher taughter her how to take different parts of different patterns to form the princess costume she had drawn, complete with an insulin pump pocket for her pump.

This past summer we did several shows, one at a local park. Since Nikki knew she would be spending several hours with me at this fair she gathered about 6 of her webkinz, without me knowing it she took one of our bins, put a sheet over it and set up her webkinz all decked out with little shirts, coats and hats that she had put together herself, now were there threads hanging absolutely, where hems uneven? absolutely, but you know what she sold all of the webkinz clothes that she had with her and had enough money to purchases some items at the fair with (she is not a big saver!).

Well I just picked her up from sewing class the other day and she had just finished a top she made, I looked at it and it looked cute, this morning she put it on and I was totally amazed at how really nice it came out. It nice when everything they have been learning starts to come together. She was so proud of herself. Her teacher even helped her do a label that says Nikki, so she proudly stitched this into the back of her shirt so if someone didnt believe that she made it she could show them!

So I now look back at all of those crazy outfits and think, you know what you are right to pick your battles wisely you never know some of the crazy things our kids can come up with might truly be a path they are destined to take!

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