Friday, December 18, 2009

Are You High?

Are you high?

If you are like me you can probably tell when your child’s blood sugar is in the high range. With us we go from being extremely annoying, (guess which one this is), to being rude, loud or agitated, just to mention a few of the signs from our 3 children that tune me into the fact that the blood sugar is up there!.

So I ask are you high? Well as you can imagine that really isn’t the best way to be asking that question when you are working with teenagers and pre-teens, first of all they find it to be extremely funny (yeah mom I’am high). Although they find it funny others around really don’t have a clue what we are talking about so their ears perk up to gain knowledge on why this crazy women is asking their child if they are high?

So I have resorted to asking them to just test, or adding to the phase “Is your blood sugar high”? I wish there was a better way to ask that question, what’s a nice way to ask a child if their blood sugar is high? We should have a diabetes short hand for asking our kids questions that sounds cool and does the job of getting the desired result we want like:

1. Hey, what’s your number?
2. Hey, sound’s like you are up there, want to give me a clue
3. “What color is the sky”? (meaning how high are you)

Our own diabetes teen language, I am sure you all can come up with some really cute and cool ways to ask this question we would love to hear them, so feel free to share!

As a mom of 3 children with type 1 diabetes I try to find the positive in every situation and I am truly amazed at the out pour of support other parents of children with diabetes offer each other. Thank you all for your continued support !

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