Friday, December 4, 2009

My Wish List For Diabetes Gadgets!

I love technology I am always waiting for the newest gadget that is on the market. I just have to say that one of the newest gadgets out there are the “Kindles” this is my all time favorite gadget. I find it helps with my tolerance level because no matter where I am now I can read and download books so if I have to wait an hour for an appointment its ok with me I just sit down and relax. I wish I had stock in the Kindles because I see this as the wave of the future before to long our children will know longer be carrying books they will all have one kindle with every school book they need on it. It will certainly help to not have to carry all those heavy books.

With diabetes the gadgets are getting better also. We have insulin pumps that communicate with meters, sensors that talk to pumps. We have Alarms that go off for low blood sugars, and alarms that go off for high blood sugars. We can download all kinds of data and the advances continue so I thought I would put out my list of diabetes related technology items that I would like to see:

My wish list for Diabetes gadgets:

The Mom Alert – this would be an alert that goes directly to my blackberry every time one of my children tests their blood sugar. Wouldn’t that be neat that every time they test you automatically get a text. This way I would know who tested, the time and the actual real blood sugar (after all the text couldn’t lie to me right). Of course the child would have no control on this (meaning they wouldn’t be able to turn it off) because believe they would try.

Safe Driver Starter – The car starter that won’t start without an actual blood test with a blood sugar within range. (and if it wants to send me a texts that's good too.

Weather Resistant pump and meters that were not affected by temperature so when I am out in the summer and the meter has been sitting in the car for hours it will still work.

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