Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Lists, Lists & More Lists

Lists, Lists, & More Lists!

You know its bad when you can’t find the list! This Christmas I started out with a list so I would know what I had already purchased, who was getting what, sizes etc. Well early into my Holiday Season, I lost that particular list. Now I am left with that kind of unfinished feeling, like I forgot someone, or the feeling that someone is getting a whole lot more than everyone else? Ever had that feeling?

When diabetes first entered our world 10 years ago (has it really been that long). I use to write everything down, I could tell you the exact time that Nikki ate something, the number of carbs, the insulin she took, when it peaked etc, etc. At that time I walked around with notebooks, a notebook for blood sugars, my list of things I had to do, a list for every day things to do. I had so many lists I needed a bag just to carry my notebooks of lists.

Then technology took over my lists became fewer and fewer as I tried using my blackberry to make lists, my outlook and my apple computer, but nothing for me works better than my good old notebook! I do so like my lists but I really like seeing them on paper and putting that little check mark next to the items as I complete them. I somehow feel like I accomplished something when I can put that check mark next to something I had to do! Of course if my Christmas list was on my blackberry I wouldn’t have lost it!

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