Tuesday, December 29, 2009

My Car Screams Diabetes!

I am one of those people that always wants to be prepared and that means always having what I need in case of an emergency. My car has become the carrier of all that is diabetes.

I have 2 items in my car that I never leave home without and they are my “Car Visor” which carry’s a fast acting sugar dex4 (we love dex4) and my purple organizer loaded with test strips glucagon, pump site change,needles,spare test kit, another dex 4 and spare batteries. I always swap out what has expired with the change of season and this has worked out great. So you can imagine my surprise when I was cleaning out my car this week and found:

In my glove compartment I had not 1 but 4 boxes of test strips (all expired ) and i am not even sure how long they have been there. In the slot of the passenger door is a glucagon (expired) a open box of needles. In my arm rest where i store my cd’s are 3 drink boxes (now this was really surprising that they did not open and leak) but they too have expired. In the pocket holders behind my seats was another box of test strips (do you think I am afraid we will be without?) a test meter that doesn’t work, (this was left behind by some child who’s test meter needed batteries. Where i keep change are 3 pump batteries and 1 meter battery. The funny thing about all of this is that all these things were brought into the car at one time or another and I don’t remember bringing any of them into the car. All of my supplies are in my organizer or car visor. So all of these items test strips etc were left in the car by one of the kids when in a hurry they grab a box from the house take a vial and leave the 2nd vial in the car, grab an extra drink box, needed a battery for a pump and swapped then out in the car leaving the used battery in my change holder.

If you are a passenger in my car it screams diabetes! From the test strips, car visor, drink boxes and meters, how could you not know that a mom of child with diabetes is on board! Well I finally got everything cleanned up and thrown out and I am back to my nice neat Car Visor and purple organizer taking care of all my diabetes necessities.

I dropped my daughter off at a friends the other day and on the seat she left a drink box and 1 box with 1 unused vial of test strips, I automatically picked up the drink box and went to put it in my arm rest and threw the vial of test strips in the glove compartment!
Here we go again!

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