Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Oh No, It’s Ski Season!

Yes, I am mom of a child who loves to ski! Actually I have 2 son’s that love the slopes, Adam loves to snowboard, and Patrick is our skier. We are fortunate to have a ski program that he has been in since the 8th grade, but I still can’t wait for the season to end!

Yes our kids can do anything, but that doesn’t mean that mom isn’t home worrying and waiting for confirmation that another Tuesday Night ski night was a success.

The things I worry about, First I worry that he has a helmet on (yes I want him wearing a helmet), he tells me he is wearing it but is he really ? Then I worry about all the things mom's with children with diabetes worry about, what if he has a low way up on top of the mountain? Does he have a fast acting sugar on him? Is he skiing with others that are prepared to assist if he goes low? Luckily he rides a bus home, but he has a season pass and often goes out to the ski resort with a friend. Does he have a change of site with him? Does he have his Dex 4 tabs in his pocket? Drink boxes in his ski bag? (Can’t take those on the slope he tried that once and it wasn’t pretty).

So tonight starts the ski season I ran through the list this morning (there I go again with my lists), and he assures me he has everything! Only 12 more weeks to go!

Note: The Waist Pump Bands are a great way to keep your insulin pump secure and helps insulin from freezing during winter sports. The pump band allows you to position the pump where you like it best and it is close to your body offering your body heat to help keep insulin from freezing.

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