Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It's The Simple Things!

Tuesday night in our house is the one night where everyone has something to do, except for Nikki and I. So Nikki and I have started to go out to dinner just the two of us. We go to our favorite restaurant “Carrabba’s” and enjoy our favorite bread and herbs (that’s what we really love) they know us there and always give us extra herbs! Nikki always gets pasta (we chase numbers afterwards) but she really enjoys it.

Tonight as I sat listening to Nikki talk non stop about her day I thought how nice to be able to have this time to just sit relax and enjoy her. No rushing around, no black berries (left it in the car) no distractions just time alone catching up on all that is Nikki.

I heard all about the drama of Middle School life, how she likes her new hair cut, where she wants to go to college (yes she has it all planned out) how she is not going to date till college (lets hope she sticks to this one) and how much she is enjoying her sewing class.

We forgot about diabetes for the night and just enjoyed each other.

I realized as we were getting in the car to come home how special this time is and how quickly she has already grown up. So if you have the chance to sit one on one with your children and put the diabetes aside for a little while and just enjoy them you will find that you actually look forward to the next Tuesday night.

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