Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's Not Like It's A Birthday!

Where has the time gone, on June 19th of this year it will be the 10th year since Nikki Tyler was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes. This date sticks in my mind and so does August 25th the day of Adam’s diagnose and November 11th the date of Patrick’s diagnosed. These dates are not like a birthday where you want to celebrate, yet they are significant dates that mark life changes in our life.

So being the positive person that I am, I am reflecting on all that is good in our life as we approach this 10th anniversary. Everyone is happy and healthy and all are pumping so no more shots. We have new technology to help us today such as sensors and better meters. We are finally sleeping through the night (once in a while). We have made so many new friends that we would other wise never had met. We have grown and learn so much, I never thought that I would be able to change a site in a moving car all in a matter of minutes. We have learned to be an advocacy for our children and how to support finding a cure for diabetes, we have grown in so many ways! Yet there is one important lesson that our family has learned that has made everything bearable and that is that we “Are Not Alone”!

So thank you to all our relatives and friends and especially the friends we have met along the way for giving us the hope, encourage, laughs and hugs we needed! I hope in another 10 years I will be writing to say 10 years ago they found a Cure For Diabetes.

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