Friday, January 8, 2010

Do you need to test?

If you are a parent of a child who has diabetes take this test for one day count the number of times you ask your child that very question “ Do you need to test” .

I did this the other day and I actually asked the question a total of 9 times, I not only asked the question verbally but I texted the question as well. Now I have 3 children with diabetes so here’s the break down, Adam who is 20 was asked once when we were out to eat, Patrick who is 17 was asked twice, once when we were out to eat and once before he went out to drive the car. The other 6 times were for Nikki, and one text to Nikki at lunch time to see if she had tested. (does texting count)

In thinking about this question I realized that the words “Do you need to test” seem to slip out of my mouth every time I think that someone is being difficult, when someone is loud, when someone is hyper, when someone is being nasty, when someone is having a difficult day, when someone is hungry. It’s a mom thing I know and I attribute all of those things as indicators for a low or high blood sugar, but I do realize that I am the broken record of all broken records. I vow to rephrase the question! (could you do me a favor and let me know what your blood sugar is?).

But I am not alone, the other night we had friends over and a girlfriend of mine was in our kitchen with her daughter having a disagreement over something and my husband walked by and asked “Does she need to test”. (she doesn’t have diabetes). I think we are all programmed!

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